Sunday, December 26, 2010

The mystery of the strange package, Part Two.

If you're not familiar with Nelson De La Nuez, and the strange package he received in September of 09, I suggest reading "The Mystery of the strange package" here:

It appears that another mysterious package has found its way to Nelson's door step, sender unknown. As he tweets on Christmas Eve, that it was a Michael Jackson Opus.
Here are his exact words (I've put the tweets in order)

Who could have possibly sent Nelson such a wonderful Christmas Present?
I guess for now it remains a mystery...

Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays

I want to wish everybody a very Merry Christmas, and a wonderful New Year. May 2011 bring all of you joy and happiness (and maybe even Michael Jackson :p ), and hopefully no pain or stress. I won't be able to post in the next two days on a count of the holidays. I'll be busy baking and spending time with my family, as should of all of you.

In the near future I do plan on posting recap posts on the past few months. I know most of it will be old news to most of you, but I would like to have it on my blog for future refrence. (and just incase some new comers happen to stop by)

I'm excited to get back into the Hoax Scene
Much Love to all of you.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I'll never stay away

It has been a while since I've last posted to this blog. For a while, it has been a major part of me and my life. As painful as June 25th, 2009 was for me, I really enjoyed the fun of investigating and all the people i've met due to the unforgettable day.

I have been kind of silent in the past few months, maybe nothing more than a forum login every now and then. It's not because I stopped "BeLIEving" or because I gave up or anything like that. It's because I've run into some personal matters that take priority in my life. Personal matters that can not be ignored.

Things are clearing up and looking better now, I would really enjoy getting back into blogging and investigating. Wether or not this will remain to be a "Hoax" blog will depend on time and circumstances. Wether or not Michael Jackson is alive is 100% unknown to me, What I do know is that something about the story is not right. So I will continue to investigate.

I don't think anybody even checks my blog anymore, but if there's a rare chance that you're reading this:
Thank You.


Saturday, September 4, 2010

It's legal, so why not?

Have you watched the News today?
Maybe you saw a story that made you feel sad,
Or maybe one that made you feel happy.
Now, think about that story you saw.
I'll take a bet that it's never crossed your mind, that this story might be completely false.

Why is it that we always believe the word of other people?
If we haven't seen it first hand, we have no proof it actually happend...
So why are we so quick to believe everything we hear?
Maybe it's just Human Nature.

And maybe just maybe our gullibility it being taken advantage of.
Let me get to the point.

I logged onto Twitter today, and saw that HudinisGhost had tweeted a very informative link.

Fox News gets okay to misinform public, court ruling

"Many news agencies lie and distort facts, not many have the guts to admit court...positioning the First Amendment as their defense!

The attorneys for Fox, owned by media baron Rupert Murdoch, successfully argued the First Amendment gives broadcasters the right to lie or deliberately distort news reports on the public airwaves."

"On February 14, a Florida Appeals court ruled there is absolutely nothing illegal about lying, concealing or distorting information by a major press organization."

Baicly what it's saying is that, News stations first amendment right allows them the freedom to distort stories and facts. 

You never know who else is misinforming you.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

TMZ was 100% positive

Remember June 25th 2009, when TMZ was the first news outlet to confirm that Michael was "pronounced dead"?
Remember how they confirmed him dead just minuets before Michael was officialy confirmed "dead"?
Well, we have speculated that maybe they where just guessing and hoping to be right.
BUT according to Harvey, they wheren't just guessing...they knew.
During an interview with the Huffington Post, Harvey Levin gave this quote
""Well, before it was officially announced. We really knew this significantly before even what was going on, but this was, you know, crossing every t. We were positive when we put it up. We put it up when we were 100% positive."

According to Harvey, they knew significantly before 2:20pm (the time they posted the article) what was going on. Since Michael wasn't officialy pronounced dead until 2:26...What did TMZ know was going on?
Strange how they where 100% positive about something that hasn't happend yet, don't cha' think?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Is the crew of American Idol helping Michael pull off the hoax?

I’ve posted about this before, but with more research and findings I decided to look into it some more. The first time I posted about this, people where less than convinced, so I decided to let it go. I was recently emailed by somebody who found it interesting, so I went ahead and looked into it more. The connections are just to big to ignore.

Let’s go back to 2006, a year after Michael’s child molestation trial. He is an emotional mess and his reputation is severely damaged. Though Michael’s true fans know he would never hurt a child, thousands of people around the globe still believe he is a criminal. Michael wants his reputation back, he wants to be the King of Pop once again. But how?

Michael moves back to the United States, in late December (2006), after spending some time in Bahrain.
As stated Michael wants to get his reputation back. "Michael is determined to be a global phenomenon again.”

who does he go to?
Simon Fuller.

Why Simon Fuller?
 Not only is he the Manager of many sucsessful artists, but he is also the producer and founder of the hit television series American Idol. Which in my opinion is the point of interest.

American Idol
 Here’s where the connections come in. American idol has been the number one TV show for a long while. With millions of viewers, voters and talented contestants American Idol has allot of impact.

“American Idol: The Search for a Superstar on the Fox network, the show has since become one of the most popular in the history of American television. It is currently the #1 program in the Nielsen ratings and is one of only three that have been #1 for five consecutive seasons,”

Michael and the people who worked for American Idol

Bruce Gowers-  Directed 3 music videos for Michael including
                           -"Rock with you",
                           -"She's out of my life" 
                            -"Can you feel it"

                            Hosted : -"Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Celebration on CBS"
                            Directed: - "Michael Jackson Number one's in 2003"
                                          -"Michael Jackson greatest video hits- HIStory in 1995"
                                           -"Michael Jackson NRJ Tribute

Gregg Gelfand- Co Directed Michael Jacksons memorial with Kenny Ortega

Dorian Holley-  Backing Vocalist for Bad World Tour
                          -Traveled with Michael for all of his subsequent world tours
                          -Served as a backing vocalist, as well as the vocal director for This Is It
                          -Married to trial attorney Shawn Chapman Holley, who once represented Jackson

Simon Fullers- Michael went to Simon for help in restoring his reputation

Simon Cowell- Signed a contract with Michael for his new British TV show " X Factor"
Paula Abdul- Worked with Janet Jackson and was mentioned in Michael Jackson's opus

If Michael wanted to work with American Idol, clearly he had the connections to do so.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Random House Publishing and Fated

I'd like to start off this post by saying this is the investigation and research of ludivine de montréal or on Twitter she's known as Aliceofneverlan

We all know about the comicbook "Fated" that was sopposed to be released in June of 2010.
If you don't know about Fated, you can read about it here:

On various websites you will find that the book is to be published through Random House Publishing, the same publishing company that published Michael's book "Moonwalk"

Rencently, Aliveofneverlan tweeted Gotham Chopra (who cowrote the book) and asked him when it was going to be comming out. Originaly it was supposed to be released in June of 2010, but this is what Gotham tweeted and retweeted back

So the release date has been delayed.

But that's not the strange part. The strange part is that, Aliceofneverlan sent Random House Publishing an email asking them about the book, and they told her that:

They don't have that book in their system for the next 9-12 months. And they are not planning on Publishing that title.
In 9 months it'll be December 2010 which is past September 2010.
Why isn't it in their system?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The burn victim disguise?

Michael Jackson's bodyguards speak out.
They had some very nice words to say about Michael.

It has been speculated that Michael might have been disguised as Dave Dave on Larry King Live. The biggest argument against it was that "Michael wouldn't pretend to be a burn victim!"


His body guards disagree. At about 5:11 we hear them say that when Michael wore bandages in public he called it "the burn victim"

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Just a theory

I would like to give a big thank you to Ludivine de Montreal or (Aliceofneverlan on twitter) who helped me write this.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

TMZ advertising a Hoax site?

We have speculated TMZ being a part of this hoax for a long time. I mean, they seem to know everything about anything that has to do with Michael and his family. It's always been assumed that they read and check up on our forums, but now it's been confirmed.

Earlier today TMZ posted an article about Debbie Rowe visiting Michael's tomb at Forest Lawn, but what was strange about the article was that they sited as their source. (Which is strange because MJHD isn't even the original source for that info)

A few hours later, they removed it.
But have no fear, member DirtyDiana2009 was kind enough to take a screen shot of the article before it was removed.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Anouther Slip Up?

The fact that Ben Evenstad was friends with Michael is suspicious enough, but heres where the strange gets a whole lot stranger.

Here we have the interview taken sometime late June, early July.

At 0:56 he says:

"An ambulance comes out, we don't know whose in it. You know, maybe it's Michael maybe it's his family member or his staff or something. So we go up to the window of the, the ambulance and try to get some pictures. You know, just put the camera angainst the thing and get some pictures. You know, maybe it's a good story for us and um it came out- Again, we don't know whose in it at that point...."

But hold up, on VH1 Crime Scene Michael Jackson, Ben Evenstad says something completely different.

At 4:36 Ben says:

"When I arrived around 12:40 the ambulance was inside the gates, there was a fire truck that was parked outside on the street. I was doing video and I could see the call screen and it said 50 year old man not breathing. At a certin point I could see the paramedics exiting the house with a stretcher. I moved closer to the gate, it was a difficult shot to get but I could see that it was Michael"

How the heck does it go from him not knowing whose in the ambulance, to him seeing the paramedics load Michael into the ambulance?
It's a very unforgettable experience.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sign Language Incorporated Into The Dance?

Missyb007 posted this on MJDHI

Watch this Video, around 4:10 the lady doing signs the words "He's Alive".
Play close attenchen to the sign she makes.

Now, here's a video from Michael's memorial.

At 1:22 and 1:54 Are they signing "He's alive"?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Cast member for what...?

Most of us are aware of the speculation behind DaveDave. In light of a slow time, It's always great to bring back old clues.

So, here is a side by side comparison of a few pictures posted on MJKIT a while back.
In this picture we have the car that was transporting Miko and DaveDave to the funeral. In the picture to the right, you can see Miko, DaveDave and anouther head behind Miko. In the left picture you can see a head the doesn't look like DaveDave's, possibly the head that was behind Miko in the picture to the right. It's not DaveDave's because he's not wearing a hat.

If you look at it, it look's allot like this guy

This picture is from DaveDaves myspace. Under the picture there is a caption that says:
"One of the cast of charecters"

What does he need a cast for?
Why was this guy at the funeral?
 And last but not least
 Iloveyoumore from MJA Pointed out that
the booklet that comes with Michael Jackson's The Ultimate Collection where he does all his Thank-You's has DaveDave listed under "MJJ Productions Staff"


Evvy Tavasci, Executive Administrator and Personal Assistant
K.R. Narcisse, Exectuve Assistant and Photo Archivist
Grace Rwaramba, Miko Brando, Gary Hearne, Dave Dave, Leticia Roidan, and Kato Chang.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What was Murray trying to hide the morning of June 25th?

Okay, so everyday the acts of June 25 seem more and more like a well organized set up.

Today we found out about the voice mail Dr.Murray left for a patient at 11:54AM.
In the call he sounds completely calm with no sign of distress what-so-ever.
(Thank you SeeingClues for tweeting the following link)
Then after this was leaked, Murray admits that he made up the entire time line of events from June 25, 2009.

Judging by the way Dr.Murray sounds in that voice mall, we can speculate that he isn't worried about anything. Which would mean that at 11:54AM Michael hasn't been discovered "unresponsive" yet.

Do you remember LaQuanda and LaQuisha? According to TMZ LaQuisha was at Dr.Murrays storage unit around 9:22 AM
Both sisters told completely different stories as to why LaQuisha was there. Looks like they didn't plan their stories ahead of time, giving the impression that they have something to hide.

Well if everything was fine at with Michael at 11:54am, then what could LaQuanda and LaQuisha possibly have to hide at 9:22am? At that time, Michael hasnt "Died" yet.
Maybe it's just part of the hoax set up...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Conrad Murray Twitter Imposter?

I'm sure allot of you are aware about the many rumors about Dr.Murray representing Michael.
Allot of people think that Murray's youtube message sounded like words of Michael, presenting the idea that maybe Murray was talking for Michael.
Others thought that Murray's going to court was to symbolize what Michael had to go through during his Child Molestation Trials.
Just one example from Layla Streetwalker's blog:

I normaly try to stay away from posting about this kind of thing, for the reason that it's just a theory. I try to only post strange things that are facts, with (if available) pictures to prove it.
But allot of people are really into it, so here's just something to contribute to the "Murray is Michael theory"

TMZ recently posted about a Twitter Imposter pretending to be Conrad Murray.
If you type in a celebritys name into Twitter, there are TONS of imposters out there. TMZ never reports thoughs so, why report this one?

Assuming that TMZ is involved with the hoax, maybe they reported this one for a reason.
"There is someone pretending to be Dr. Conrad Murray -- asking his fans for prayers and support -- but TMZ has learned it's a fraud. Just one day after the real Dr. Murray appeared in court to face an involuntary manslaughter charge in the death of Michael Jackson, a person using a Twitter account under the name DrConradMurray left the following message:

"Please consider that I too am a father, do not judge or condemn me until you have walked in my shoes. Please pray for my family"
But it's all a hoax: TMZ spoke to a rep for Dr. Murray's lawyer who told us, "It is 100 percent fake. He doesn't even have a smart phone."

This Twitter account has been Tweeting since Aug. 19, 2009. Why would they just report it now?
Also, why are they reporting it at all? Like I said, every celebrity out there has tons of imposters (the Jacksons are always tweeting about their imposters)
Also, this isn't the only Murray imposter account, so why this one?
Along with the article, they posted a picture of the lastest Tweet.

This account has only 4 tweets that say:

"I ask for your prayers for my family and I at this very hard time. Thank you all for your support and kindness. God Bless  9:03 AM Aug 19th, 2009 from web "

"Thank you for such kind words of support. There are many lies surrounding me, I ask you not to judge, but to wait for the truth. God Bless 8:53 AM Aug 26th, 2009 from web"

"I have been advised to speak no further. This is my last thank you to my friends and supporters. God Bless 8:17 AM Aug 27th, 2009 from web"

"Please consider that I too am a father, do not judge or condemn me until you have walked in my shoes. Please pray for my family 4:23 AM Feb 9th from web "

Thoughs Tweets sound like they could come from Michael.

All TMZ tells us is that, the person who tweeted this message is not Dr.Murray. This message sounds allot like something Michael would say. Is it Michael? Who knows.

According to TMZ "it's all a hoax"

Thursday, February 11, 2010

June 25th, or 24th?

Okay so you all remember the search warrent for the pharmacy that Dr.Murray sopposedly got propofol from, right?
A few days ago some new documents came out. The Medical Board of California is trying to get rid of Dr.Murrays medical license.

What does one document have to do with the other?
Well, they contradict each other.

Search Warrent
Clearly says "On June 22, 2009 two days prior to his death"
Which would make Michael's death June 24th.

Medical Documents
This document clearly says "June 25, 2009"
(Also, note that Michael is refered to as "Patient M.J." which could mean anyone with the initals M.J. you can't prove that their talking about Michael)

Michael is a man of many talents, but not even he can die twice two days in a row.
Theese are legal documents that contradict eachother, that means one (or both) isn't correct.

Monday, February 8, 2010

"The Court Of Last Resort-The Conrad Murray Case"

Okay, here is where the weird gets a whole lot weirder.
There is an old TV show by the name of  "The Court Of Last Resort"
All credit for this find goes to THINKerbelle who posted about this on MJA.

The Court Of Last Resort
"The Court of Last Resort was founded by Erle Stanley Gardner in the 1950s. The team sought to reveal whether someone already found guilty might really be innocent. The show dramatized the original crime then followed the investigation. Actual cases were used "
The show was about a team of investigators visiting old cases in which people where found guilty and sent to jail, to try and prove them innocent.

One of the episodes happened to be tittled "The Conrad Murray Case"
and the actor who played Conrad Murray was in a TV show called "Thriller"
and anouther one called "This Is It".

I don't know if this has to do with anything, but it sure is strange.


Friday, February 5, 2010

"Fated" to be published this June.

Okay, so this Youtube video was being RT on my twitter page like crazy.

Everybody assumed it to be true without doing any investigating themselves. Well, I searched the web, sent out a few Tweets and I can now confirm that this video is correct.

Special thanks to 4_BeLIEvers for tweeting me this link:

The story is that, Michael Jackson co wrote a comic book with Gotham Chopra. The story line is about a pop star who tries to kill himself and fails. People think he's dead when he's actually alive. The comic is to be published June of 2010.

"Publishers Weekly recently reported that the book, called Fated, about a pop icon named Gabriel Star who takes on superhuman powers, will be published in hardcover next June"

Here is a photo from the comic


Kinda looks like Michael doesn't it?

The title of this comic is Fated. It was co written between Gotham Chopra and Michael. Gotham's father Deepak Chopra made this statement in his tribute to Michael on June 26, 2009.
"his sudden death yesterday seemed almost fated.""

This comic is going to be published in June of 2010. Michael "passed" in June of 2009. It will be published one year from his "death". Strange isn't it?

Monday, February 1, 2010

Michael was not on the "in memoriam" segment

The In Memoriam segment at the Grammys is when they honor all the people who have recently passed away.

jessicakthx posted this video on MJHD:

This is the In Memoriam segment from the 2010 Grammys. Michael is no where on that list.

But they already had a big tribute for him, so they didn't need to include him.
They also had a tribute for Les Paul, and he was still included in the In Memoiram segment.

Les Paul's 2010 Grammy tribute:

Why wasn't Michael on the In Memoiram list?
Because he is very much alive.

Big difference between Les Paul's and Michael Jackson's tribute:
At the end of Les Pual's tribute they include "1915-2009"
At the end of Michael Jackson's tribute, they zoom in on his picture.

end of Les Paul tribute:
Clear 1915-2009
End of Michael Jackson Tribute:


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

American Idol connection

I know the title of this post sounds kinda crazy, but please hear me out. This isn't anouther one of thoughs wacky movie/hoax connection theories, I have evidence to believe that there is a connection. I don't know how important it is, but Ill let you guys come up with your own conclusions.

Shows Creators
Okay, here is a picture of a screen shot from the American Idol IMBd page.

Notice how there is only 3 of them who worked on the show in 2009.  Strangely enough, they are the only 3 who have a connection with Michael.

Gregg Gelfand
Not many people recignize his name, but in my opinion he's very important. When you type his name into Google, look at what the first reasult is:

So immiditly my hoax alarms went off. I clicked on the link and it turns out that Gregg Gelfand co directed Michael Jackson's memorial with Kenny Ortega. Just look:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't the directors of the memorial have to know about the Hoax?
Not to mention how convienent it is that he just so happend to start working for American Idol in 2008, a pretty significant year.

Bruce Gowers
 He has:
-Directed 3 music videos for Michael including
"Rock with you"
"She's out of my life"
"Can you feel it"
As well has hosting the "Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Celebration on CBS"
Directed "Michael Jackson Number one's in 2003"
"Michael Jackson greatest video hits- HIStory in 1995"
and now in 2009
"Michael Jackson NRJ Tribute"
It's safe to say he was no stranger with Michael, and in my opinion anyone with permission to have a tribute concert must know about the hoax.

Simon Fuller
"I’m reliably told that one of their first discussions about Michael’s concerts took place at Wing Lei in Steve Wynn’s the Wynn during a lengthy dinner attended by Michael, Kenny and mega-rich producing partner Simon Fuller, who is a partner in various ventures with American Idol judge Simon Cowell"

Simon Cowell and Simon Fuller where both their when Michael decided to have a comback tour.

"Michael Jackson has reportedly turned to the former manager of the Spice Girls, Simon Fuller, to help mastermind his pop comeback."

Simon Fuller is to help Michael with his mastermind comeback.

"“He knows it won’t be easy because he comes with so much baggage, but he thinks that if anyone can pull it off Simon can. Simon is excited by the challenge. It’s like nothing he has tackled before.”

Kenny Ortega-Michael Jackson-Simon Fuller

Paula Abdul
 She choreographed  the Michael Jacksons' Victory Tour, aswell as some Janet Jackson videos.
"it was during that experience that she got to know Michael the Joker"
She attened the This Is It premier.

March 14 2009
American Idol announces that they are going to have Michael Jackson week.
May 19 2009
Michael visits American Idol's rehearsals at to the Nokia Theatre
June 29th 2009
American Idol announces that they are going to have a Michael Jackson tribute.

On January 18th, Martin Luther King Day, the day we where sopposed to recive a big clue TMZ posted this article

Okay, so lets recap. The only 3 people who worked for American Idol in 2009 all have connections to Michael. (none of the others have any)
The director who started working for American Idol in 2008 Gregg Gelfand co directed Micheal Jacksons memorial with Kenny Ortega.
Simon Fuller is good friends with Kenny Ortega

I'm not saying it means anything, but who knows?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Mind Blowing Episode

So, we all know about the many tweets made by ALLJACK5ONS stating that the last episode of the season was going to be "Mind Blowing". For example:


We all had different ideas of what was going to happen, we got our hopes up as we turned on our TV's and watched the episode hoping for something big. Sad to say that most of use were dissapointed at what we saw. There was nothing Mind Blowing about the ending at all.
Or was there?
I would like to thank Julia142 for showing me this video:

This video was posted by MJisALIVE7

The Brothers went to the wrong cemetary.
Michael Jackson is in the Great Mausoleum at Forest Lawn in Glendale.
According to the signs they showed when the brothers where on their way to visit Michael, they where on their way to the Forest Lawn in Hollywood Hills.
Don't believe me? Here are some pictures to prove it.

According to the Forest Lawn Cemetary Website , the Forest Lawn in Glendale is located on Glendale Avenue:

When I looked up directions for Los Angeles to Forest Lawn in Glendale, you don't take Forest Lawn Drive as shown in the TV show.

 Infact, you don't take any of thoughs roads.
As you can see, you don't take Forest Lawn Drive, or any of the other roads on the sign, to get there.
BUT if you go to the Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles, you do.
But Michael isn't at that one...
So they didn't really visit Michael.
Because Michael is alive.

Did The Hoax Kick Off In 2008, and Is Michael in the UK?

Though I believe that this hoax was planned for years, I'm starting to believe that it kicked off in 2008 for reasons more than one.

5 Brothers Enterprises
If you haven't checked out this website yet, I highly advise you do so.
"5 Brothers enterprises comming soon"
What exactly is comming soon?
The question I've been asking myself over and over again. I guess where just going to have to wait and see.
I believe that this is going to be big. The definition for enterprise is:
-A project undertaken or to be undertaken
So their currently working on a project. In my opinion I think this project is going to be big.
Why? Because of  this website (posted by sunrise on MJHD)
Under Business Entity Information it says "File Date- 2/15/2008"
So this Enterprise went into the works in 2008.
Now I'm wondering, if it started in 2008, why is it comming soon now almost 2 years later?

Reality Show Rumors
I used Google Archives for this one.
2008 is when we heard about a Jackson reality show for the first time

Radio Reports Michael's Death in 2008
"An Albuquerque radio station jokingly
 reported that the King of Pop, Michael Jackson died from an overdose"

6 Months To Live
In December of 2008 It was reported that Michael had 6 months to live,
Suprisingly enough 6 months later he was "dead"
December 2008 is also when he started wearing thoughs masks

Jackson Family Looking For House In Devon
In 2008 reports that the Jackson Family wanted to buy a house in Devon England surfaced.
From an article posted April 3rd, 2008:

"Last month, Tito - who also has three other brothers, Marlon, Jackie and Randy, and another sister La Toya - revealed he was house-hunting in the area because the family wanted a hideaway in the idyllic English countryside.

Tito said: "My family love North Devon and the wonderful countryside and friendly people, I'm really looking forward to buying a home here. Michael likes it here too, as no one bothers him."

The Jackson Brothers recently Tweeted that they were going to be in the UK Febuary 1-3.

I Believe that even though this hoax was probably planned for years, everything was put into place in 2008. Which makes sense because that was supposedly Michael's last full year.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What's that all about?

Okay, so MLK Day passed an still no Michael. I know, I'm just as upset as you are.
But, whose to say that we didn't recive any clues? There's a few things that have been brought to my
attenchen in the past few days, that just make me wanna ask "What's that all about?"

Let's start with TMZ. Here we have some photos posted on January 18th:

Title of this article "No fake drinkin' and driving"

Black umbrellas anyone?
Posted on the 17th, The Jackson brothers where offered a 2nd season for their reality show but they haven't taken it yet. Why don't they want a 2nd season? Well aside from that, TMZ included this quote in that particular article which I happen to like allot:
"it's the Jacksons ... so nothing is ever as it seems. "
Another article posted on the 18th is about how LaToya wants Simon Cowells spot on American Idol. Interesting quote at the bottom of that one too:
"In other news: there's a "real" La Toya Jackson"

Not to mention Michael was recently put back on the "Hot Searches" list

Michael Jackson's Ghost?
Today Julia142 brought this to my attenchen:

There's something that makes me wonder about this poster...(and it's notvabout Kanye&Taylor appearing together.)
As it turned out, this poster is not the real Coachella poster. But, that doesn't mean it wasn't created for a purpose...
Perez Hilton:
"Off to Malibu for a top-secret meeting with one of the most successful musicians of all time! (No, not Barbara or Cher! Ha)"
-"Amazing meeting! Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! #GoingHARDin2010 More big things coming!!! "
Raffles Van Exel:
-"To all my tweet family out there. Watch out, there is a fake Frank DiLeo face book out there. I just spoke to Frankie, the account is FAKE "
"I personally hate FAKE shit, please watch out. I love you guys, but once again it shows that everything is possible on the NET. Watch out "
Frank DiLeo is Michaels manager, could he stress the word fake anymore?
"On the Red Carpet of the Golden Globes, nasty weather. Thinking about Rihanna, (under my umbrella). Even Alberto Alvarez is here ;-) "
Michael's body guard?

And here it is, the strangest of the strange.
Check. It. Out, but don't forget to turn up your speakers for the BAM.
Mad props to SeeingClues for this one.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Midnightmlk = Midnight Marten Luther King Day?

Allot of you have heard about Midnightmlk already, but if you haven't here is their twitter page:
also someone from MJHD mentioned that they have 2 twitter accounts, here is the other account reported:

Allot of people seem to think this person has inside information (or is possibly Michael)
because of their many interesting tweets. I'll admit they do tweet some strange stuff.
You can investigate theese accounts and come up with your own conclusions on them.
Why I bring this to your attenchen is because, The name Midnightmlk might hold a significance.
Someone from MJHD, member Wondering Who posted this:

"Anyone remember Midnightmlk on twitter?? I used to think she was referring to Midnight milk...(You know as in

Michael's profofol fix at midnight) Now, I think she meant Midnight, on Martin Luther King day....!
This just came to me, I dont know why I always thought she meant "milk"..She has changed her twitter page to a
new name now.....
Sorry I am flipping out.....She had this name back in APRIL OF 09!!!!!
Martin Luther King day....Jan 18."

Midnightmlk= Midnight on Martin Luther King Day?
Martin Luther King Day is on January 18th 2010.
January 2010 holds a significance according to S.T.U.D.Y.

Allot of people are starting to believe Michael will be back January of 2010.
If you haven't read what S.T.U.Y. has to day, I suggest you read it ASAP.

In their latest post they state

"Now, there has been time for the dust to settle. And in fact, the date today is 1-11 (TII movie was 111 minutes long); also, today is one week until 1-18-10 (MLK day), and two weeks until 1-25-10 (seven months since “death”). So as you can see, it was already planned for today to be the next TIAI update. Further below in this update, we will look at the importance of today’s date being the planned day for the next update."

They refer to Martin Luther King Day as "MLK day"

 S.T.U.D.Y.  also stated this:

"Next, January 18 is the MLK holiday—which of course ties very directly with the MLK statement in the song “They Don’t Really Care About Us”. Do you remember that this song was the only one from the TII rehearsals that was played on the media, after MJ “died”? Don’t you think that this was a big clue about the purpose of the hoax? “In what will go down in history as the greatest demonstration for freedom ...” And do you remember that this was the very last TIAI redirect, before TIAI was revealed?

Exactly two months before January 18 (on November 18, 2009), TMZ posted the following: “Jackson Investigation Mystery Date

Big clue in the Michael Jackson investigation -- the LAPD detective leading the probe indicated January 18, 2010 may be a significant date. Detective Orlando Martinez asked a Las Vegas judge this AM to keep search warrant documents related to Applied Pharmacy secret until January 18.” {}

This would’ve been after the TII movie came out, and in fact after the TIAI redirects were already in progress. This was a “Big clue” about a “significant date” and a Jackson “Mystery Date”! Why would January 18 be a day when search warrant documents would no longer be “secret”? That day is a holiday! Why wouldn’t they say that the documents would be de-classified on January 19 (which is not a holiday, and when things would not be closed for the holiday)? January 18 is a holiday right after the weekend, so it should’ve been either January 15 or January 19—unless of course this was a “big clue” about a “significant date”, a “mystery date”, when MJ would return! (P.S. On January 18, don’t forget to check TMZ!)"

If you haven't been following up with S.T.U.D.Y. you should grab yourself a cup of coffee and read every post made by them. It's clear that they have some inside information that's worth a read.

I don't know if Michael will return or not. (I sure hope he would, it would be a great Birthday Present)
but, Martin Luther King Day holds a big significance.
Don't forget to watch the news, and log into TMZ January 18!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Dr.Conrad Murray revealed.

I take no credit for this one.
This was posted on TheDeathOfMichaelJackson.
If you thought things were twisted before, Boy are you in for something.
Posted by member : jruby

"Hi guys,

yes I did find out who Murray really is

I went to and found out that

his real name is Robert Earl Carter and he is married to Blanche Yvette Bonnick Murray. According to DMV records Robert Earl Carter and his wife live

at 2579 Red Springs Drive in Las vegas, Now this isnt the address that the "police searched" for their Home but they do own Both properties. Now

Dr. Blanche Yvette Bonnick Murray has a practice

at 2110 east flamingo unit 301, Now this address is very important because its listed on the warrant for Global cardiovascular associates. and it isnt its her Nevada paractice and shes a family Doctor.

Now also Robert Changed his name on his license in

Febuary of 2009 to "conrad murray" and then he boght properties in Conrad Murrays Name. Now when You google Conrad Murray Global Associates you get

3121 south maryland pkwy, not 2110 east flamingo which is on the warrant, Now if you Google conrad murray Houston Texas you get that same address of 3121 south Maryland Pkwy but its listed for Houston texas. Now this Medical clinic armstrong that he supposably works at is owned by Dr davil armstrong

and his medical licensce was suspeneded in 2006, but he owns the building at 6826 west Montgomery Road

Houston Texas 77091. There hasnt been patients in there for a while. his Phone numebr of his office is 713-692-1000.

Also "murray" has 1 adult daughter named Monique lee Carter and Blanche has 1 adult daughter named Maureen

Ray Rose. "murray" doesnt have any "other children

according to And Both adult children live with them at that address.

something else I found out which I think might be important, remember when that car was towed at mjs house and they said murray was driving it but it belonged to his sister Susan Rush, well I noticed on peoplefinders it listed Susan rush as an associate or roommate of the "murray's. So I did a googe check on her well I couldnt figure out if she is related to them or if she is a real person, The name Susan rush is a personal circus, like the Circus is called susan rush, and the address for whoever owns the circus is 10629 Sandpiper Dr# 14 Houston texas 77096

well That address is owned by robert Earl carter.

so im thinking its him who owns the Circus. the Suzan rush circus comes(performs) from Magnolia Texas. So the car that was owned by "suzan rush"

may have been "Murray"s work car. If you Google

the name Robert earl carter 2 things come up one that

there is a obstrician that is named robert earl carter from Ca, and 2 a circus owner. so Im thinking this dude really does circus things.

remember though when mj died the police couldnt find murray so they went to Suzan Rush"s house to find him

or question her about where he was well they went to

robert earl carters House. It was all staged from the getgo.

so Im thinking This Dr. Blanche Murray is the real

Dr Murray, and that their is no "conrad murray who is

a cardiologist, However it makes sense I think

that perhaps this Dr Blanche Murray is who may have treated Michaels kids in Vegas considering she is

a Family doctor. This may be the real doctor that

may go on tour with Michael eventually.

I think her real name might be Blanche Yvette Bonnick Carter."

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Real or Photoshopped? Alive or Dead? Real or Production? This or That?

Hey all! Let's play a little game, it's called This or That.
Basicly, I'll show you something and give you two options then you pick one.
Sounds exciting right? Lets play!

Real or Photoshopped?
A member by the name of Helen posted this link on the LarryKing Blog:
"A photo of the crypt was distributed by the park to the press back in the 1950's, when the Holly Terrace first opened"
So the photo below was taken in the 1950's.

Now let's look at the photo Karen Faye supposedly took of Michaels tomb

Now I present to you the question, Real or Photoshopped?
Next we have
Alive or Dead?
The Chicago Tribune posted this poll on their website

Mad Props go to SeeingClues for finding this, you rock man!
Check out the current reasults!

Now I ask you,  Alive or Dead?

On to our final round!
I bring you a Tweet made by our very own Kenny Ortega!

Hold up now! Michael's memorial nominated for an award?
Now correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't a memorial time to pay respects?
Isn't it sopposed to be a sad reflective time, not a production nominated for an award?
Look at what's listed on his IMBd page under his Filmography section:

Creative Director?
So now for the final time, I ask you
Real or Production?

comment with your answers

Monday, January 4, 2010

Remembering Old Times, Old Clues and Old Friends.

Since the old MJHD database is now available, I was going through some old posts. I realized that somethings were forgotten and should be brought back into the spotlight. So here are some old (but good) posts from the past.

AEG Insured For Death Caused By Overdose

Think hard and remember back to July '09. Remember when it came out that AEG was insured for
death caused by overdose but not death by natrual causes. Strange? With this info we asked ourselves:

Is this normal?
We all agreed, the answer was anonymous NO, It's not normal.
Look at an article posted on TMZ:

"Lloyd's of London — Overdose Clause?

Posted Jul 3rd 2009 2:41PM by TMZ Staff
A spokesperson for Lloyd's of London tells us she's never heard of a case where her company has insured someone for a drug overdose.
AEG, the company that was promoting Jackson's London concerts, claimed yesterday the policy it took out from Lloyd's did not cover death from natural causes but did cover overdoses.
Louise Shield – the head of communications for Lloyd's of London — tells us such a policy is “odd” and that she's never heard the company insuring for drug overdoses.
What's more — Shield says the company typically requires a “medical assessment” …. a physical before the policy is written. "

Member Tenderoni added :
"I have been in insurance law for years, and I am tied to the entertainment industry and I have NEVER seen a clause like that. In fact, drugs are usually the reason why you CAN'T get insurance for a movie or tour project. I have never heard of an insurance policy specifically for one thing that entertainment-related insurance companies won't do….especially in light of the fact that they claim he went through the physical. That would show a natural cause related death would be covered but evidence of drugs at that time would negate the insurance.

This makes no sense to me"

So now ask yourself: Is it strange that AEG just happend to be covered for a drug over doese and Michael just so happend to of "died" of just that?
Well YES it is. Yet anouther factor In this investigation that is just so out-of-the-ordinary.

Missing Surveillance Tape

"The Los Angeles California police investigating the death of pop star Michael Jackson, are searching for lost surveillance footage taken from his Hollywood home that could solve the mystery surrounding the last moments of his life"

So, the only actual proof of what happend the morning of June 25th is missing. Hello! Nobody will ever know what happend the morning of June 25th now. Theese tapes could contain footage of Michael getting away with the hoax.

 "It was a very sophisticated and high-tech surveillance and security system. Not only were there cameras outside the house, but there were cameras inside as well, in private locations."Insiders close to the investigation say Michael’s death - possibly his murder - was captured on camera, but the video has not been recovered. There are also gaps in some security camera footage stored on computer hard drives. Police are combing through personal computers recovered from the house."

It was a Sophisticated and High Tech system, there's noway Dr.Murray could have stolen thoughs tapes. He's a doctor and he: doesn't know how to do CPR,  he mixes a deadly combination of drugs together and he doesn't even know to call 911 as soon as he possibly can. How could he ever figure out how to work a "Sophisticated high-tech security system".

Family Can NOT Get Their Stories Straight

Source One:"Janet was in Atlanta, on the set of her upcoming Tyler Perry movie, when she heard the tragic news of her brother's death. "
Source Two:"I was at my house in New York. You know, another day, another morning, and I get a call ... " she explained. "My assistant said, 'Your brother's been taken to the hospital. It's on CNN right now.' "

Seriously, I couldn't make this up if I tried.

The Police Let The Family Tamper With The Death Scene
June 27: "Two moving vans arrived at Michael Jackson’s rented Holmby Hills mansion this morning, and workers are removing items from the home and loading them into one of the vans."
June 29:Michael Jackson's house was searched on June 29, four days after the singer died, among the many prescription medication bottles they found were two bags of marijuana. "

Okay, so the family was in the house two days before police searched it? They could have planted things there for all we know.

How Does A Body Go From 112lb To 136lb?
First We Hear: "Michael Jackson's weight, upon his death, was 112 pounds. Michael Jackson's height has been documented as between 5-10 and a half, but even if he was only 5-8, a weight of 112 pounds equates to skeletal"
Then We Hear: "According to the report, Jackson -- who was 5'9" -- weighed 136 pounds at the time of his death."

What Are The Lyrics Again?

Jermaine Jackson's performance of Smile at Michael Jackson's memorial.
Listen to at about 1:20. Jermaine sings
"Light up your face with sadness, Hide every trace of gladness"
Which is not the lyrics.

During Jennifer Hudson's Will You Be There at about
3:31 you can clearly see
"In my anguish and pains"
painS, with an S. No other version has that.
and If you listen, it sounds like he's saying it live too.

This is an old recording of the song
at 5:09 you can clearly see it says "pain"

Sunday, January 3, 2010

All Access: Making Of Michael Jackson's This Is It

The Movie, The concert....Maybe Something else? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

William Bratton Backs Down

Who is William Bratton?
William Bratton was the chief of police of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).  On June 19, 2007, the LA Police Commission reappointed William Bratton to a second five-year term.

Why is William Bratton Suspicious?
 "On August 5, 2009, Bratton announced that after nearly seven years he would be stepping down as chief of police for the City of Los Angeles."

He still had 3 years left, and he's backing down. Why? Notice that August 5th is still in the begining stages of the Michael Jackson investigation.Why would he be backing down during such a huge investigation? (Which the LAPD was involved with) :

"Although they did not immediately suspect foul play, by the day after Jackson's death the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) began to investigate the unusual and high-profile case"

So why would he just back down in the middle of an investigation? A HUGE one.

William Bratton's reason for resigning
"The chief says that when he came to Los Angeles, the department was a "troubled organization" in a "troubled city", but now is the "right time" to leave."

Toubled organization? What could they be doing that's so bad he considers them "troubled"?

Also, William Bratton's wife announced that she was leaving her job on October 30th 09. Why are they both leaving their jobs?

Friday, January 1, 2010

Give Credit Where Credit Is Needed

I hate to post about things outside of the hoax but this needs to be said. I can ignore this no longer.

There are some people out there who have been using my posts as their own. Use my posts all you want, post them anywhere. BUT you MUST give me credit. There are people who have been copying and pasting my posts word for word, posting them on forums as if they wrote it themselves.

There's more than one of you out there. I'm not going to call out names or confront anyone because you might not have known. But from now on, I will.

If you see a post on my blog, or maybe a forum and you like it, go ahead and post it where ever you want. Not only do I encurage it, but I also appreciate it. BUT you MUST post the link of where you found it, include my name and that I wrote it.

I'm not mad, if anything I'm flattered. I know that when people use my posts, my posts must be good. I want people to use my posts, But I still want people to know that I wrote them.

If you're one of thoughs people, please keep this in mind.


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