Friday, February 5, 2010

"Fated" to be published this June.

Okay, so this Youtube video was being RT on my twitter page like crazy.

Everybody assumed it to be true without doing any investigating themselves. Well, I searched the web, sent out a few Tweets and I can now confirm that this video is correct.

Special thanks to 4_BeLIEvers for tweeting me this link:

The story is that, Michael Jackson co wrote a comic book with Gotham Chopra. The story line is about a pop star who tries to kill himself and fails. People think he's dead when he's actually alive. The comic is to be published June of 2010.

"Publishers Weekly recently reported that the book, called Fated, about a pop icon named Gabriel Star who takes on superhuman powers, will be published in hardcover next June"

Here is a photo from the comic


Kinda looks like Michael doesn't it?

The title of this comic is Fated. It was co written between Gotham Chopra and Michael. Gotham's father Deepak Chopra made this statement in his tribute to Michael on June 26, 2009.
"his sudden death yesterday seemed almost fated.""

This comic is going to be published in June of 2010. Michael "passed" in June of 2009. It will be published one year from his "death". Strange isn't it?


  1. this is interesting..Maybe he's coming back on 6/25? One can hope..

  2. Unfortunately, he will not. this is a fictious work with a roman a clef(gabriel star) as michael. the whole comic is FICTION as in NOT REAL. his only autobiography is MOONWALK you asshole. get your story straight;shit

  3. um, the above image is from another comic book, named "Wasteland"!! isn't "Fated" a "graphic" novel in black n white??? sheesh bebo


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