Saturday, February 27, 2010

Anouther Slip Up?

The fact that Ben Evenstad was friends with Michael is suspicious enough, but heres where the strange gets a whole lot stranger.

Here we have the interview taken sometime late June, early July.

At 0:56 he says:

"An ambulance comes out, we don't know whose in it. You know, maybe it's Michael maybe it's his family member or his staff or something. So we go up to the window of the, the ambulance and try to get some pictures. You know, just put the camera angainst the thing and get some pictures. You know, maybe it's a good story for us and um it came out- Again, we don't know whose in it at that point...."

But hold up, on VH1 Crime Scene Michael Jackson, Ben Evenstad says something completely different.

At 4:36 Ben says:

"When I arrived around 12:40 the ambulance was inside the gates, there was a fire truck that was parked outside on the street. I was doing video and I could see the call screen and it said 50 year old man not breathing. At a certin point I could see the paramedics exiting the house with a stretcher. I moved closer to the gate, it was a difficult shot to get but I could see that it was Michael"

How the heck does it go from him not knowing whose in the ambulance, to him seeing the paramedics load Michael into the ambulance?
It's a very unforgettable experience.


  1. he might be suffering from amnesia :)

  2. Why is it that no one can give the same version of events twice?


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