Thursday, February 11, 2010

June 25th, or 24th?

Okay so you all remember the search warrent for the pharmacy that Dr.Murray sopposedly got propofol from, right?
A few days ago some new documents came out. The Medical Board of California is trying to get rid of Dr.Murrays medical license.

What does one document have to do with the other?
Well, they contradict each other.

Search Warrent
Clearly says "On June 22, 2009 two days prior to his death"
Which would make Michael's death June 24th.

Medical Documents
This document clearly says "June 25, 2009"
(Also, note that Michael is refered to as "Patient M.J." which could mean anyone with the initals M.J. you can't prove that their talking about Michael)

Michael is a man of many talents, but not even he can die twice two days in a row.
Theese are legal documents that contradict eachother, that means one (or both) isn't correct.


  1. The second one... which document is it exactly?

  2. They would be documents filed by the Medical Board of California to strip Dr.Murray of his medical license.


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