Monday, February 1, 2010

Michael was not on the "in memoriam" segment

The In Memoriam segment at the Grammys is when they honor all the people who have recently passed away.

jessicakthx posted this video on MJHD:

This is the In Memoriam segment from the 2010 Grammys. Michael is no where on that list.

But they already had a big tribute for him, so they didn't need to include him.
They also had a tribute for Les Paul, and he was still included in the In Memoiram segment.

Les Paul's 2010 Grammy tribute:

Why wasn't Michael on the In Memoiram list?
Because he is very much alive.

Big difference between Les Paul's and Michael Jackson's tribute:
At the end of Les Pual's tribute they include "1915-2009"
At the end of Michael Jackson's tribute, they zoom in on his picture.

end of Les Paul tribute:
Clear 1915-2009
End of Michael Jackson Tribute:



  1. Long live the King! At the end of the movie, "Love Lives Forever." :)

  2. Michael is Alive!!!Long Live the King!! I love you so much Michael!!!!

  3. I love you michael

    life without you so hard


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