Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What Are Friends For?

I don't really feel like I need to explain the picture above, everybody should already know what it is. Many of you even know the name of the photographer who took this photo. If not, no worries I gotcha covered. The name of the photographer who took this photo is Chris Weiss

Ben Evenstad was a pap who founded a photo agency. Ben and Michael Jackson just so happen to have more than just your average "Pap+celebrity relationship" You could even call them friends.

Ben Evenstad founded a photo agency and hired Chris Weiss as a paparazzo. The interesting thing about Chris is that, he wants to be a doctor. He has a long and impressive résumé of his experinces in the medical feild. Now just think about how handy that would be for Michael to be friends with someone like that.

Ben Evenstad's photo agency just happend to be the first photo agency to learn the location of Michael's rented mansion on Carolwood Drive. (They also just so happend to find out the location in December, which is when the first reports of Michael having 6 months to live first came out. Which in some theories is the begining of the hoax. ) I wonder who told them...

The morning of June 25th they just happend  to of already have a Pap outside Michaels house. When the ambulance came they were the only Paps there.

"Weiss saw an ambulance inside the gates and a fire truck parked on the street. Ibanez had zoomed in through the window of the fire truck with his telephoto lens and snapped a picture of the call screen, which provided a few details about the situation inside. At this point, Weiss’s experience as an E.M.T. came in handy. He read from the digital image: “50-year-old male … not breathing … ”
Why haven't we seen this photo?

"The more time passed, the less serious Weiss figured Jackson’s problems must be. “We were there for 20 minutes,” he says, “and if you’ve got a full arrest”—when a patient really has stopped breathing—“the paramedics usually load and go within 8 to 10 minutes.”"
But they were there for about 40 minutes.
Notice how Chris Weiss's medical experience comes in handy.

"The morning after Jackson’s death, Weiss says, he was “happy because we got the picture. I took the last picture of Michael Jackson, ever. Because we had, as much as a photographer could for the last six months of his life, a relationship with Michael. There were days, like when he went to the doctor’s office sometimes, when we would just put our cameras down and visit with him. It’s weird to say this, as paparazzi, because the world can’t stand us, even though they can’t put our magazines down, but there was a closeness that our photographers had with Michael. If there was any fate to getting the shots, maybe that was it."
The kind of impression I'm getting from the quote above doesn't have a hint of sadness to it. I mean, Michael Jackson was their main focas and a good friend. He just passed away and their happy?
Why would they be happy about that?
Myabe it's because this whole thing was planned. Maybe during one of their "visits" with Michael they made a deal. It's a win win situation if you think about it. The paps probably made more money on that one photo than every other picture they've taken before. And Michael gets away with step one of the Hoax.

Think about it.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Joe Vs. Joseph SOLVED.

Time too smile my fellow hoaxers, the mystery is solved.
When I posted my long Joe Vs. Joseph post, people doubted me.
I private messaged people about it as well as posted it on multiple forums.
Yet, people still didn't belive me. Some people still belived that Joseph was Michaels real middle name.
Well, its not.

The FBI files on Michael Jackson were released today.
I skimmed through them and was more than happy with what I found.

On the FBI website there was a short passage on top
of the page that said:
"Michael Joseph Jackson, a celebrity pop star, was born on August 29, 1958. He died unexpectedly on June 25, 2009 at the age of 50."

Of corse when I saw that, I got upset. I thought that ment his middle name was
Joseph, no question about it. But as I started reading the files that frown was turned
upside down. :)
Take a look at some screen shots I took of the files:

Time too smile. ^ The FBI clearly states that his TRUE name is Michael Joe Jackson.

Here we have his drivers license app.

His drivers license.



There you have it. His middle name is clearly, as stated by the FBI, Joe.
Now, back too the thing written on the top of the page :
"Michael Joseph Jackson, a celebrity pop star, was born on August 29, 1958. He died unexpectedly on June 25, 2009 at the age of 50."
Michael Joseph is a stage name.

Making the Death Certificate for Michael Joseph Jackson INVALID.

Thank you TMZ

The UCLA Medical Center never confirms Michael died.

I was just looking on the UCLA Medical Center website
(Located here: )
When I decided too do a search for Michael Jackson
The only one thing came up kind of struck me as odd.
This is what I got:

"Statement on the death of Michael Jackson at UCLA Medical Center

The family of Michael Jackson made this brief statement available on June 25 at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center:
The legendary King of Pop, Michael Jackson, passed away on Thursday, June 25, 2009, at 2:26 p.m. It is believed he suffered cardiac arrest in his home. However, the cause of his death is unknown until results of the autopsy are known.
His personal physician, who was with him at the time, attempted to resuscitate Jackson, as did paramedics who transported him to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. Upon arriving at the hospital at approximately 1:14 p.m., a team of doctors, including emergency physicians and cardiologists, attempted to resuscitate him for a period of more than one hour but were unsuccessful.
Jackson's family requests that the media respect their privacy during this tragic period of time. "

So basicly what there telling us is that, the hospital never confirmed it.
Only the family, which is of corse unofficial.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The mystery of the strange package

Who is Nelson De La Nuez?
Nelson De La Nuez is an artist, who just happend too sell
allot of art work to Michael Jackson. Right before June 25th
he was working on Paintings for Michaels children.

What's strange about Nelson De La Nuez?
Nothing. Nothing is strange about Nelson, but somthing strange did happen
to him.

How do I know this?
He tweeted about it!
Lets take a look:

That was tweeted on the 1st of September. He seems to
be clueless.

A few days later he tweets about it again.

So would we Nelson, so would we.

A few more days pass and he tweets:

So, I find this very odd. Why would someone sign the card from Michael? Why didnt anyone admit too sending it? If it was from Michael's "People" why wouldnt they tell him? Why did someone send him London tour items? Why him of all people? So many questions, so little answers. There you have it:

 The Mystery of the Strange Package, Starring Nelson De La Nuez!

Nelson was so kind as too take a picture of the items left at his door.
You can see it here:

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Does Craig Harvey know Michael is still alive?

Does Craig Harvey know Michael is still alive?
well, unfortunatly I dont know the answer too that. But I can provide you with some info too let you draw your own conclusions.

(If you read my last post about Craig Harvey, this might make more sense. )

Okay so I was looking at Craig Harvey's Facebook page and I noticed somthing odd.
He was friends with someone by the name of "Cristiana Jackson". Im aware that
Jackson is a common last name, but this person's profile picture was a picture of Michael.

Strange isnt it? I clicked on this persons name, but there page was on private so I couldn't view it. I was able too look at this persons fan pages, and they seem too be fans of Michael Jackson. I know this doesnt really say much, but this made me want too see who else he was friends with...
When I came across (drum roll please)
Woz mjfd

I dont know who this person is, But I do know that they post links about Michael Jackson being alive...

Okay well, this strikes me as weird. Not the fact that this person thinks Michael Jackson is alive, but the fact that Craig Harvey added them as a friend...
He only has 94 friends (as of right now) and after June 25th , and all the people from the MJ forums people must be sending him friend requests left and right. This seems too be a personal Facebook page where he adds only people he knows. Before he adds someone as a friend, he probably checks out there page...

Why would he add this person as a friend?

Monday, December 14, 2009

Person of interest: Craig Harvey

Who is Craig Harvey?
He is "Chief Coroner Investigator " Who has been working on the Michael Jackson investigation.

But, could he really be a part of the Hoax?
It is very possible. Right now, in my opinion, he is the most important person too be watching.

Why is he a person of interest?
Good question. Ill be happy too answer that.
Lets take a look at Mr.Harvey's twitter, shall we? I think we shall.
I know what some of you are thinking "This could be a fake twitter"
yeah well, it could be. But the first tweet dates June 20th. 5 Days before Michael "died".
So, I'm thinkin' it's real.

Okay the first tweet made on June 20th says:

T? Who's T? Well, as Julia142 pointed out on TMZ used T when talking about Thome Thome. Just look:

Thats pretty interesting. For thoughs of you who don't know who Dr.Thome Thome is, he was Michaels financial advisor. He was fired then mysteriously rehired not too long before Michael's "passing" What could Craig Harvey want with Thome Thome? Theres many different possibilities. Keep in mind this was tweeted on June 20th

Okay, lets look at anouther tweet made on June 25th

Make what things happen? Thats interesting...

Lets look at this tweet from June 27th

So it looks too me like he has a 4-6 week rest. But this is only 2 days after Michael's
"passing" , if he is Chief Coroner Investigator why would he have weeks off? Shouldnt he be investigating Michaels "death"? And "Answers will come to those who wait." What answers?

He takes a few weeks off then tweets back on October 6th

Looks like people aren't doing a good job keeping his secret.

So we can all agree that's a pretty suspicious bunch of tweets. Lets look at his Facebook.
(normaly I would feel bad posting someones personal facebook updates, but because his page is not private anyone can see them anyway)

Heres a status update from June 25th (I blocked out the names and photo's of thoughs who commented on it)

I wonder what made it such a Thriller?


Look at the person who commented. I think that is a very interesting comment. What is the difference between "The truth" and " 'their ' truth". Maybe one being what actually happend, and the other being what there telling us.

Do not trust the media.

What wasn't his idea, and what is he sorry for? What does he want too be over?
The investigation perhaps?

Just incase this hasn't been convincing enough for you, I thought I would provide you with an important fact. :
Craig Harvey Is An Actor
The truth does not lie.

The thred where Julia142 posted about her findings is here:

Saturday, December 12, 2009

TMZ admits that Michaels middle name IS Joe

I was just on and saw that Anna.K posted this link:

I remember when this happend, I cant belive I forgot too include it on my last post.
Well if you read my TMZ post, you would know that TMZ is under suspision. Well watch here, they admit his middle name is infact Joe.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Joe Vs. Joseph IMPORTANT.

Okay, so do you guys remember the big "Joe vs Joseph" debate? If not, no worries. I'll explain everything.

Lets look at a picture of Michael's passports

They both state his middle name as "Joe". Therefore his middle name has to be Joe. Why you ask? Well because Passports must include a persons full legal name. No exceptions. Michael may be famous but he is not above the law.

Some people have been questioning this saying "Joe is short for Joseph". So I asked some people who would answer me honestly, people who dont have Michael Jackson as there main point of view. People who dont know the situation. And I got the answers I was expecting. Lets take a look :

I posted that question onto Yahoo Answers.  Lets look at the answers I got:

Short, Sweet and too the point.

I guess this smart ass knew I was a girl by my avatar.

Ding Ding! We have a winner!

There you have it.

Im not hiding any answeres from you, as you can see the question was only posted 3 hours ago. Thats every answer I got. I dont think anybody would be lying too me. Nor do I think all of them would be coincidentally wrong.

"Okay, his middle name is Joe. So what?"
Good question, and Im glad you asked! Look here:

You can clearly see his Middle name is stated as Joseph. Im pretty sure Death certificates require full legal names aswell.

What does this mean?
It could mean that the Death Certificate might not be his. It can't be, because that's not his middle name.

 In katherine Jackson's book "My Family" she reffers to his middle name as "Joe"
A mother knows her sons middle name.

Also, if Michaels middle name really is Joe, then that would change everything. As alredy stated it would make his Death Certificate invalid, As well as his will:

Any insurance taken out under the name "Michael Joseph Jackson"

"why would he go by Michael Joseph Jackson, if his middle name is really Joe?"\
I dont know the answer for sure, but When I've asked people in the past the best answer I could come up with is "He doesnt want too be assosiated with Joe Jackson" His father, the beat him.

Why I think he planned this too be a clue in the hoax
If you read my last post it would make sense. If you havent, no worries I'll explain it here.

The speculation for the Elvis Presley death hoax started when Elvis's middle name was spelt differently on his Death Certificate then on his gravestone.
The speculation for Tupac's death hoax started when his name was spelt wrong on his gravestone.

Michael was a smart man. He knew it would start speculation. Just like it has in the past.

Here is a great theory that was written by Melissa (NeverlandsFairy). She sent this too me back in September when this issue first came up. It looks at the legal aspect of this issue. Its great! Read and enjoy. (If I can understand it, so can you. The names in the story arent real, they are mocks of real names. Mark John Jason =Michael Joe Jackson):


First of all, I want you to forgive my unflawless written style during
the development of this current theory, what prior I finish my entire
job on the tale I´ve been hardly working on, I decided to share with
you my findings and understandings concerning the discrepancies of Mr.
Mark´s Jason middle name.
I hope you can despise our language barriers, since my original native
one is portuguese, you still can follow my line of thoughts, and as
such in advance, Im humbly asking your kindness and comprehension on
this field .


For such I will be using an alias name to expose my case.
And please, hold your mind that by analogy, the middle ones will be here swtiched for John and Johnattan, as well.


However for us to get into the core of this particular case, is totally
important for you to pay your attention on these bellow legal
definations, what independent of country the divergences and private
costumes, their content remains the same, data venia they are based on
universal principles of law.


Knowing the not so long past of Mr.Mark J.Jason tragic and without
precedent experiences on Court, we are leaded to assume, he´d never
wish to taste such awful threats anymore.Horrible memories, what
undoubtfully, had brung to his life so much and unexplainable distress
and pain.

So please keep it in focus and let´s start.
Least but not last, for the entire understanding of this theory, I will
be giving a few links you shall consult during your lecture, to better
assimilate my points and observations.They are governamental official
ones, what does not open space for speculations, our doubts of their
veracity and straight rules!

PRINCIPLES OF LAW:In law and ethics, universal law or
universal principle refers as concepts of legal legitimacyactions,
whereby those principles and rules for governing human beings conduct
which are most universal in their acceptability, their applicability,
translation, and philosophical basis, are therefore considered to be
most legitimate. They are universal and absolute.

LEGAL DEFINITION OF NAME:A unique combination of a given
and a surname, assigned to an individual, generally at birth, and used
to identify distinguish that indivodual both socially and in regards to
the assertion or defence of legal rights.

Its unique, personal, and untrasferable!

LEGAL NAME:Legal name is often the name which an
individual is called at birth or which appears on their birth
certificate (see birth name) or marriage certificate (in places that
have a statute allowing a name change to be recorded at marriage).

TRUE NAME:In civil law, a person's true name is generally considered to be the name given at
BIRTH or changed by a statutorily prescribed process (such as
petitioning a court (available in all States) or specifying a new name
on the marriage certificate (in those with such a statute)).

BIRTH NAME:The name at birth is the name a child is given
by his or her parents, according to a generally universal custom, and
legal requirement[1] to file a form of birth certificate. What happens
subsequently about this name has a substantial cultural component.

Where births are officially registered, a name entered into a birth certificate may by that fact alone become a legal name.

spelled "nick name") is a descriptive name given in place of or in
addition to the OFFICIAL name of a person, place or thing. It can also
be the familiar or truncated form of the proper name[1], which may
sometimes be used simply for convenience (ex. "Bob", "Bobby", "Rob",
"Robbie", "Hob", and "Bert" for "Robert"), sometimes referred to as a
short name.
As a concept, it is distinct from both pseudonym and stage name, and
also from a title (for example, City of Fountains), although there may
be overlap in these concepts.

STAGE NAME OR PSEUDONYME: A stage name, also called a
showbiz name or screen name, is a pseudonym used by performers and
entertainers such as actors, comedians, and musicians.
A pseudonym, derived from the Greek word ψευδόνυμο (which itself is a
composition of the words ψευδός = false, and όνομα = name) is a
fictitious alternative to a name. In some cases, pseudonyms are adopted
because they are part of a cultural or organizational tradition, as in
the case of devotional names used by members of some religious orders
and "cadre names" used by Communist party leaders such as Trotsky and

Pseudonyms are also used to hide an individual's real identity, as with
writers' pen names, graffiti artists, resistance fighters or
terrorists' noms de guerre and computer hackers' handles. Actors,
musicians, and other performers sometimes use stage names, for example
to mask their ethnic backgrounds. Stage names are also used to create a
name which better matches their stage persona, as in the case of hip
hop artists such as Ol' Dirty Bastard (who was known under at least six
aliases); Black metal performers such as Nocturno Culto; and hardcore
punk singers such as "Rat" of Discharge. Another example of a pseudonym
is the name Lemony Snicket, an author who wanted to hide his identity.

A collective name or collective pseudonym is one shared by two or more
persons. This is sometimes used by the co-authors of a work, such as
Ellery Queen.
The term is derived from the Greek ψευδώνυμον (pseudṓnymon), literally
"false name", from ψεῦδος (pseûdos), "lie, falsehood" and ὄνομα
(ónoma), "name". A pseudonym is distinct from an allonym, which is the
name of another actual person, assumed by someone in authorship of a
work of art; such as when ghostwriting a book or play, or in parody, or
when using a "front" name such as by screenwriters blacklisted in
Hollywood in the 1950s and 1960s.

NAMESAKE:Namesake commonly refers to a person named for the sake of someone.(KEEP THIS IN MIND)


Now that you learned the basics difference between the terms, we can proceed on our investigation.
So I will start asking you something, what might sound stupid at this
moment, but at the end you will perceive, the importance of this

I assume, you might said a very strong and loudly NO...Well, lets say
that on this case our subject again defeats the law of physics.Thus not
doing his spacewalk, but being on 2 different cities,almost at same
time and same day!Possible?You will learn his trick!

July of 2002.

Mr.Mark John Jason goes into his personal Crusade against Dommy Madola,
this shady chapter being marked with the impresion of tension between
both subjects, and strong rivality, leading to Madola´s dismiss from
Phony Records.Also openly bloodythurstly threats for his part against
Mr.Jason.And what by weird consequences,and a reversal manipulated
destiny for dark forces , culminated in soonly allegations of criminal
and unproper behavior by Mr.Mark John Jason, one year and half later.
During this time was urgent and necessary to protect his patrimony by
LEGAL meanings, and also provide a will to support his 3 children, and
charity foundation support.

And what a better way to do it, than simply transfering his money for a
legal account, managed on a safe Namesake partner?Well donations are
not forbidden!Even if it leads you to a bankruptcy state, and level of
credits what even a 16 years old teenager does not own.
Its something originated from your own will and mind, and you might take it straight as the directly consequences.
At this instant I shall say ,to not see Mr.Johnattan as a decoy,
impersonator, double, but nothing more than other man with same name,
or at least, almost.Hence Mark Johnattan Jason.

Here lets build this picture together: a long life acquiantance that
shares his trust to even, well, once and while avoid some "annoying"
governamental fees and taxes, when Mr.John wishes to invest his large
fortune on new venues, keepin the secrecy of the anonimatum?

And with whom Mark John Jason, signing a very good salary and life
improvement to his namesake, had on the end of 80´s, borrowed/rented
his UNIQUE identity, second name as STAGE NAME, thus never deeding for
a completly change (maybe for personal meanings , or simply cause he
did not wished to deal, with another media frenzy about his
modification decision).So ending keeping his original BIRTH one, hence
TRUE NAME.Althoug starting to use artistically by oral agreement,
Mr.Johnattan middle one as pseudonyme, to who knows, better fits his
personality and stunning appearance?

While his "namesake" friend, would be a secure scapegoat to invest
money overseas, without the weight of the spotlight.After all he is a
simple middle aged guy,frail and sick, baldy and with a lung disease,
+an eaten flesh incurable illness, on a wheel chair, who happens to
have the similarirty of Mr.Mark´s Jason, worldwide famous name, but not
really his handsome stamped face.
Sounds far fetched ahm?
but it will soon, lead us to an interesting discover!


To confirm this CORE information, please I shall ask you to visit prior
we proceed on this such simple theory, these bellow sites here listed:

Provided from the Embassy of United States, and its well known strict
rules concerning visas,even for native ones, the official form bellow
it follows:
´Please be so gentle, to take a look on the head of the second page of
the official document, containing bold letters.And also the first
paragraph, entitled as 1.a ABOUT PROOF OF U.S CITIZENSHIP,and
realize within yourself, what the instructions underliened and boldly
remarked requests, remembering the strong consequences of the EXPRESS WARNING ABOVE DISAGREEMENT.

(Scroll till the head of the second page.And I think you within the
learning already gained till here, will be able to take your own

On the Science of Law, among and above all its divisions, there is a
maximum, what refers to the most violent, and liable instance of this
important science, and for sure Im talking about the Criminal Law field.
The only one able to deprive someone of his/her freedom, and in some countries as on United States, even his/her own life.

So it might, and will obey the pricinple of the FORMAL AND MATERIAL PERFECTION ON PROCESS,
having as its directly consequence the Right of the Due Process of Law,
fundamental right present on the Constitution Letter, most important
law in every free country in the world.

Being imediatly dismissed when noticed any opened breaches, or
doubts,blank spaces,loopholes, what would very much provide this
following grossly resumed assumption:Such as judging a confessed murder
from tripple homicide within refined torture as plus to his
delightment.Condemning him to end his life on a "lethal injection"
from Dr.Murder, officialy paied by the Estate.
But,since his name holds a little slip, a typo, or even a Full TRUE
NAME misleaded, well unfortunetaly, it ended causing many troubles for
an hypothetical farm worker and his docily Mary Sue wife, living on

their cosy cottage on the most peaceful part of the county, whom for
his total lack of luckyness, happens to have his second middle name
containing the "longer" version of our sweet murder, shortned one.
Absurd ahm?So as you might had already figured it, can not BE!

Constitutional Protections for the Criminal Defendant.
Every case has a "best possible outcome," whether that is an acquittal, a dismissal, a compromise to a lesser charge.
The United States Constitution and its subsequent amendments define the
scope of governmental power and reserve certain individual rights to
the people. The first 10 amendments, also called the Bill of Rights,
contain basic, fundamental rights of individuals on which the
government may not impinge. Many of these constitutional rights provide
protection to criminal defendants in the criminal justice system. The
Fourteenth Amendment extends substantive due process rights beyond just
the federal system to criminal defendants in state courts, where the
vast majority of criminal trials occur.

The basic constitutional rights of the criminal defendant permeate
every aspect of the criminal justice process. If you have been accused
of a crime, whether federal, state or local, a seasoned criminal
defense attorney from Rasmussen Miner & Associates Attorneys At Law
in Salt Lake City, UT, can explain these rights to you and help you to
fight for them at every step of the way.
Fundamental Rights

Here are the main federal constitutional rights guaranteed to criminal
defendants in the United States to promote fair trials. Remember that
these rights have been refined and interpreted by the courts and an
attorney can advise you about their role in and application to your
particular case.

* The right to due process of law

* The right to equal protection under the law

* The right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure

* The right against self-incrimination or being forced to testify against oneself

* The right against double jeopardy or being tried more than once for the same offense

* The right to legal counsel

* The right to a speedy, public trial

* The right to an impartial jury trial

* The right to confront witnesses against you

* The right to call supporting witnesses

* The right to be free from cruel and unusual punishment

* The prohibition against ex post facto laws or laws that

retroactively criminalize certain acts or increase criminal sanctions

* The right to be free from excessive fines or excessive bail

* The right to clear notice of criminal charges

* The right to a grand jury in federal felony proceedings

Our criminal justice system is designed through constitutional protections to provide a criminal defendant with a fair trial.
(Here I need to ask an excuse, I have in my files the court record
regarding Mr.Mark John Jason allegations, but unfortunately, I can not
find a link where you can revisit the header page, where his TRUE NAME
is stated.Please forgive me, and I count with your colaboration to help
me finding it.The respective credits on this research will be given.)


So now , lets imagine that Mr.Mark John Jason knowing which
consequences of his battle against Mr.Madola and indirectly Phony
Records, would end, he on july 5th called his long time, loyal namesake
Mr.Mark Johnttan Jason, and oriented him to sign a Will with his full
name,on a secret meeting with his attornays at 5:00 pm on Los Angeles ,
on july Xth of that current year.

With this measure, if anything with the patrimony under Mr.John Jason
name got affected by Phony Records questionable maneuvers, nothing
under Mr.Johnnattan would be touched.As for exemple, a certain
bilionaire bees STICKERS CATALOGUE COLECTION, he used to own.But what
well, overnight, grantedly decided to DONATE it entirely to his so
lovely friend, Mr.Johnattan Jason.As same as his stunning Xanadu type,
home/estate/kingdom:Land Of Never, without blink twice for sure.

On july Xth of 2002, Mr.Mark John Jason, was known to be busy on a
Conferece against Mr.Madola on New York City at 2:00 pm, he was flamed
and stressed about the developments of his speech.And also frightned,
under the possibility to be poisoned or murdered when he had 3 lovely
kids to grow.However, completly aware of the consequences about his
concerns and personal war.

(Again here my thanks for Curiousgirl at MJHD).

Is also know that a flight between New York till L.A, takes at least 6
hours to cross the country from coast to coast.So at this point you
finally might had understood my point about, a body being able to
occupy 2 places at same time!

Remembering that, on a Will , since its a valid document with strenght
power above someone´s estate and probates, you need to state your True
Name for it to be recognized.Never a short version, or pseudonyme.Plus
your current and official signture, what forbids any kind of "personal
pink touch" or fancyness, matching your notorized and legal documents
as well.Or it can be considered unlawful, or even indicates, its usage
purposes for a HOAX STUNT, or fraudulent intentions.

So unless, Mr.Mark John Jason had took an ultra speed and express
private jet flight from N.Y (and we know this person in analysis really
hates to fly), during that sunny sunday of 2002, to fake his OWN will,
forsaking the document using other person TRUE NAME,and even slightly
changing the way to sign, what I really can not understand the purpose.

The only other reseanable and more logic explanation (what usually ends
to be the truth) is: Mr.Mark Johnttan Jason signed it, since part of
Mr.John Jason were already under his bank accounts, and contractual
administration and managment.

Understood why 1 body can not be in 2 places at same time?Or...Maybe can be?
So now I will ask you, TO WHO belongs the Amendt Death Certificate?Who´s burial will soon take place?
I will leave it for your own conclusion!"

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tupac - Elvis - Michael

Okay, so I was searching Hoaxes online when I came across the wikipedia page for "List of Hoaxes" I thought that was pretty cool. I started reading them hoping to come across some sort of death hoax. I was skimming the page when I saw this:

Hold up now, I could swear that says Michael Jackson under accused hoaxes. Yes I do. I know some of you might be saying "So what? it says accused not proven" But who cares, this means more people are starting to believe!

What really caught my eye was this:

Elvis, Tupac and Michael. (TBH, I dont know anything about Andy Kaufman, and I dont really care to much about him either)

Tupac Shakur, Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson are all accused of Hoaxing there deaths. Is this just a coincidence that three musicians are accused of faking their deaths? Maybe, but I dont belive in "strange coincidences"

First lets look at Tupac:
"The first album after Tupac's "death" was released in November of 1996: Makaveli: Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory. The title aroused some curious glances from those who knew Shakur. The first part of the title refers to Niccol Machiavelli, an old-school Italian philosopher who believed the faking one's own death was a sure way to foil his enemies. Machiavelli's two most famous books, Discorsi dopra la prima deca di Tito Livio (Life With Tito) and Il Principe (Ill Communication) were both written well after his death. Some wonder if Tupac's reference was a signal to the world that things were not as they seemed. "

Okay, "killuminati: The 7 Day Theory"  Do you know what im gettin at here? Killuminati is Illuminati with a "K" infront of it, there talking about the illuminati. I dont know too much about the subject, but some people have strong opinions on the "Illuminati Theory" so, you can read more about it relating to Michael Jackson here:
Also the "7 day theory" has a 7 in it. And we all know how symbolic the number 7 has been.

"This is perhaps mere paranoia, as this album was obviously recorded while Tupac was "still" alive. But then, one year later, R U Still Down? is released in stores (November of '97). This was a full 14 months after the performer's death, and Tupac appeared in three videos in support of the album. When questioned about this, Tupac's manager Robert Bloomenstein said, "Tupac was a forward-thinking man. His performances in those videos were shot more than two months before his unfortunate 'death,' and in no way should indicate that Tupac is still alive."

Michael has released songs after his death, aswell as finished filming the "Dome Project" 2 months before his death. (which just seemed too work out so perfectly for the movie)

"In six weeks Tupac Shakur is releasing his eighth posthumous album, titled Death Faker. Some fans say the title contains a hidden message which could be taken to mean that Tupac didn't really die on that September night nine years ago"
That really makes me think he faked his death. You can read more about the "Tupac Shakur Death Hoax" here:

Now, back to Elvis I alredy did a long Elvis vs Michael post, but ill post it again here:

Both named King Of...

Elvis Presley was named the King of Rock n Roll

Michael Jackson was named the King of Pop

Both "died" of a drug over dose

similar cemetery names

Elvis was burried at Forest Hill

Michael was burried at Forest Lawn

Fans question last picture

Elvis mourners questioned his oddly arched eyebrows and a pug nose.

Many people question the ambulance photo of Michael stating that it doesnt not look like him

2 Different weights reported

Elvis weighed approximately 250 pounds at the time of his "death", but his death certificate stated 170 pounds

Michael was 136 pounds at his time of "death" as stated by autopsy reasults, but his death certificate states 112 pounds

2 Hours after supposed death...

Two hours after the public announcement of Elvis'death a man who looked like Elvis purchased a plane ticket for Buenos Aires under the name of John Burrows, an alias Elvis had used on several occasions, and one that was reported in government documents.

2 hours after Michaels supposed death

LAX airport was secretly shut down to receive an undisclosed person of interest. Then the control tower was told to "ignore" the jet taking off on a private runway, headed for an undisclosed destination

Missing from property...

A number of Elvis' most prized books such as his Bible, Chiro's Book of Numbers, and the Autobiography of a Yogi all disappeared after his alleged death, never to be recovered. As well as photos of Lisa Marie.

Millions of dollars and expensive jewls were missing from the house of which Michael was staying at, after his "Death" and never found

Record companys not showing signs of sadness

Elvis' record company RCA showed no care by releasing millions of his recordings and merchandise

Sony wanted to launch a Michael Jackson memorabilia tour, as well as launched a Michael Jackson movie and released a never before heard track titled “This Is It”

Both said goodbye to friends

two days before his alleged death, Elvis called a lady friend named Miss Foster to tell her he had canceled his upcoming tour and that she should not believe anything she would read about him

Arnold Klein said that about 5 days before Michaels "Death" Michael said a final goodbye to everyone in the office

Both sent flowers to loved ones?

A former paramour named Lucy de Barbon received a single rose in the mail on the day after Elvis' alleged death with a card identifying the sender as "El Lancelot", her secret pet name for Elvis, unbeknownst to anyone else.

A few days before Michaels dead Liz Talor tweeted "Somebody I care for very much sent the following note to me with flowers and I wanted to share it with you"

Questionable signatures on death certificates

Graphology experts have proven that the signature on his death certificate is Elvis' own handwriting

Dr. Murray refused to sign the Death Certificate of Michael Jackson, we are not even sure that there is a signature at all

Missing evidence

All photographs taken at the death scene of Elvis have mysteriously disappeared

surveillance footage was taken from Michaels home and is missing. footage that could solve the mystery surrounding the last moments of his life

Neither made it to there final tours...

A tour was scheduled to begin August 17, 1977, but at Graceland the day before, Presley was found unresponsive on the floor of his suite

Less than three weeks before the first show was due to begin in London and with all concerts being sold out, Michael Jackson died of a cardiac arrest.

Middle name conflicts...

Elvis' death certificate says "Elvis Aron Presley” But on his grave his middle name is spelt like "Aaron"

Michael Jacksons passport states his middle name as Joe, as well as many court documents. But his death certificate states it as "Joseph"

Larry King Live and the Geraldo Rivera Show

Gail Brewer Giorgio is a strong belive that Elvis is alive, and has appeard on Larry King Live many times, aswell as The Geraldo Rivera Show

We have seen MANY of Michaels relatives and friends on Larry King Live since the time of his death, and we have begun to belive that Larry King is in on it

So, we can conclude that Michael and Elvis have alot in common. You might be asking  yourself right now "Why did this crazy person bring Tupac into this?, they dont really have that much in common."

I didnt get to the "biggie" yet.

name confusion? Yes, you heard correct.
On Elvis's Grave his name was spelt differently then on his DC
On Tupac's Grave his name was spelt wrong
On Michaels DC his middle name is stated differently than on his passport
(expect a post on this in the near future)

coincidence? I dont think so. I think Michael knew how the Name confusion is what started the Hoax conspiracy around Elvis and Tupac's death. I think thats exactly why theres now confusion on his middle name.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Why were the kids ID's revealed shortly before 6/25/09

You might notice that this post doesnt look like any of my other posts, well thats because I didnt write this one. Nope. All credit goes to: Bec she wrote it. not me.
You can find the OP here :
I copied and pasted it directly, with her permission.
Awsome post Bec!

To protect them.

Common sense and logic, it will lead you to the truth.

Under California law, DNA is irrelevant when it comes to questioning parentage IF the child was born into a marraige AND the parents names are entered on the birth certificate AND the parentage is not challenged for 3 years.

So, many rumors are flying that Prince and Paris are not bio-kids to MJ, right? Blanket on the other hand, most believe is MJs bio-kid.

Here, i'll break it down slowly.

Rumors are flying following MJs "death". These rumors would be easily foreseen following the death of MJ, as he is MJ, and his life was shrouded in one big rumor and ugly press, it only stands to reason that the gossip would intensify following his passing. The kids and their parentage are an obvious topic of debate, considering their complexion and the secrecy surrounding them. It's a no-brainer that they would be the subject of speculation and rumor, right? The very reason MJ protected them their whole lives by concealing their identities.

So, a couple weeks before 6/25, Paris and Prince are seen in public for the very first time unmasked.


Well, if you follow logic and common sense and look at state law, the reason is obvious.

Because Paris and Prince were unmasked shortly before 6/25 we KNOW they are the MJ kids, under the definition of California law. They were born to Debbie Rowe while she was married to MJ, his name is on the BC, and they are obviously living with MJ as his children, thanks to the pic we have from early June, no one would (or has) contested these facts.

If anyone comes forward now and claims parentage by DNA, and it MATCHES.... well too bad, under CA law, the time for contesting parentage has run out years ago and it cannot be challenged in court. It is too late by 8 years or so. They were born to a married couple, MJ is on the BC, and the kids have lived with MJ as their father from birth. CA law prevents anyone, even a bio-parent, not listed on the BC, from coming forward and gaining custody.

IF, however, we had not seen these kids unmasked in early June, one or both of their bio fathers could come forward and try to take them away claiming DNA match AND making some crazy claim that the kid(s) never lived with MJ at all and the claim that MJ acted as parent all these years to this particular kid (Paris or Prince or both) is a lie.

In other words, if MJ wasn't seen with them recently, it could be argued in court that Paris and Prince are not the same little kids seen in old home movies or family photos, and with a DNA match, someone could make a legal argument for taking them away, totally within CA law.

But those unmasked pics from early June make this imposible, within the stipulation of the state law, regardless of DNA.

Got all that? Hopefully. Because it shows extreme forethought and the great painS Michael went through to ensure all this was done within legal guidelines ahead of time. All the i's were dotted, all the t's crossed, perfection, right down to the legal framework of the plan.

Brilliant, and logical. Common sense, it will lead us to the truth.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Joey Skaggs "The Final Curtain"

Who Is Joey Skaggs?
"Joey Skaggs (born 1945) is an American prankster who has organized numerous successful media pranks, hoaxes, and other presentations. He is considered one of the originators of the phenomenon known as culture jamming. "

Joey Skaggs was a prankster. He enjoyed pulling pranks on the media. And only the media.
"refusing to really scam anyone except the media"

How Does This Relate To Michael Jackson?
Well, when I ask people "Why do you think Michael hoaxed his death?"
The answer I get most often is "I think he's trying to teach the media a lesson"
Which makes sense, think about all the Hell the media put him through. Its a logical explanation too me.

"This Is It, This Is The Final Curtain Call"
Sound familiar? That quote was spoken by Michael Jackson himself, at his O2 Press Conference. This quote seems to have been "Stressed". Like they wanted people to remember it. let me explain:

 "final curtain call" is a phrase used long before Michaels press conference. Meaning "last show" or "last act". But now all its being assosiated with is Michael Jackson. Look:

All I did was type in "Final Curtain Call" into google, and all I got was Michael Jackson.

How does this relate to Joey Skaggs?
Good question. As you now know, our friend Joey here liked pulling pranks and Hoaxes on the media. Well one of his pranks was named The Final Curtain.

"The Final Curtain (2000): Skaggs' creation was a combined funeral company, virtual graveyard and theme park. It was meant to satirize showmanship in places like Forest Lawn cemeteries."

Basicly, he wanted to draw attention to the death-care industry which he described as "a giant corporate scam, exquisitely successful at commercializing death." He didnt like how big cemeteries, and insurance companies...etc. made so much money off of peoples deaths. (notice how Forest Lawn is used as an example, coincidence? I think not.)

Making money off of a persons death, now that sounds familiar.

"He hires actors to play his customers, refusing to really scam anyone except the media. Often the prank is nothing more than a press release with a phone number; in these press releases, Skaggs leaves hints or details that easily could be checked for accuracy. Eventually, he reveals the hoax to make his point."

He hires people?
Press release?
 Now wasnt Michaels death announced in a press release made by his Brother?
Hints or details that easily could be checked for accuracy?

Such as his Death certificate stating the wrong middle name, or The search warrent stating the wrong adress. You know, things like that?

"Eventually, he reveals the hoax to make his point."

Kinda makes me wonder...

Friday, November 27, 2009

Smooth Criminal and Gilda?

Okay, so for thoughs of you who saw This Is It should probably remember Smooth Criminal. Before the song  (if I remember correctly) Was a short black and white film.

Remember this picture? Well Ill give you a hint, this picture was not in Smooth Criminal. This is a picture from the movie "Gilda" A black and white film made in 1946. Now, you may be asking yourself, "why is she showing me this picture?" well, its very simple. This picture resembles the begining of Smooth Criminal, alot. Infact, the whole black and white film in Smooth Criminal resembled "Gilda" quite a bit.

What significance does Gilda have?
Good question!
"Mundson reappears, armed with a gun. He had faked his death to deceive the Nazis"
A charecter in this movie, fakes his death. In the link above is a full discription of the movie.

Take a look at this video, around 3:40-4:05 specificly.
(Video posted by Piano Games)

So heres anouther instance where Gilda comes up.
(I would like to thank ItzAll4Love for sending me the link for that video)

Strange But True:

I'm not done here, Ill be back to investigate this movie. But in the mean time :"This is it" for now anyways.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Flaws In The Search Warrent

Before you read, Know that ALL credit goes to Layla (Streetwalker) for her amazing research and dedication to finding the truth.

So we all know about the search of  Applied Pharmacy Services in Las Vegas. The pharmacy belived to supply Dr.Conrad Murray with Popofol.

The purpose of a search warrent, is for police to get the right to search a certain location. A search warrent for my house wouldnt give them the right to search my neighbors house. Why? Because they are two different adresses. Which makes them two different locations. Therefore, it wouldnt be legal for them to use it on my neighbors house.

Now, why am I telling you this? Its very simple acctualy, let me show you some pictures.

Here is a picture of Applied Pharmacy Services adress. This is the pharmacy that the search warrent was issued for

So you can clearly see that the adress for Applied Pharmacy Services is the following:
2851 N Tenaya Way # 202

Las Vegas, NV 89128-0453
(702) 304-0770
Okay, Now lets show you a picture from the search warrent:

That clearly says:
6370 West Flamingo, Suite #1 LV, NV 89103

Thats kind of strange if you ask me. Lets do a search of that adress:

Nothing about the pharmacy.
Lets search this adress in Google Maps:

Looks like a "Salon & Haircut Spa" to me, I dont see a pharmacy anywhere in that picture.

Making the warrent INVALID.

Anouther thing, Grace Rwaramba is the name of Michael Jackson nanny that he hired to take care of his kids. But the search warrent refers to her as :

Grace Owanda
Theese are the moments that just make me say "What. The. Eff."

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