Sunday, December 20, 2009

The mystery of the strange package

Who is Nelson De La Nuez?
Nelson De La Nuez is an artist, who just happend too sell
allot of art work to Michael Jackson. Right before June 25th
he was working on Paintings for Michaels children.

What's strange about Nelson De La Nuez?
Nothing. Nothing is strange about Nelson, but somthing strange did happen
to him.

How do I know this?
He tweeted about it!
Lets take a look:

That was tweeted on the 1st of September. He seems to
be clueless.

A few days later he tweets about it again.

So would we Nelson, so would we.

A few more days pass and he tweets:

So, I find this very odd. Why would someone sign the card from Michael? Why didnt anyone admit too sending it? If it was from Michael's "People" why wouldnt they tell him? Why did someone send him London tour items? Why him of all people? So many questions, so little answers. There you have it:

 The Mystery of the Strange Package, Starring Nelson De La Nuez!

Nelson was so kind as too take a picture of the items left at his door.
You can see it here:

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  1. Hi Diana, it's fromfrancetoo

    here the link if you want read the post on french forum

    Thank you for your work ;)


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