Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tupac - Elvis - Michael

Okay, so I was searching Hoaxes online when I came across the wikipedia page for "List of Hoaxes" I thought that was pretty cool. I started reading them hoping to come across some sort of death hoax. I was skimming the page when I saw this:

Hold up now, I could swear that says Michael Jackson under accused hoaxes. Yes I do. I know some of you might be saying "So what? it says accused not proven" But who cares, this means more people are starting to believe!

What really caught my eye was this:

Elvis, Tupac and Michael. (TBH, I dont know anything about Andy Kaufman, and I dont really care to much about him either)

Tupac Shakur, Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson are all accused of Hoaxing there deaths. Is this just a coincidence that three musicians are accused of faking their deaths? Maybe, but I dont belive in "strange coincidences"

First lets look at Tupac:
"The first album after Tupac's "death" was released in November of 1996: Makaveli: Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory. The title aroused some curious glances from those who knew Shakur. The first part of the title refers to Niccol Machiavelli, an old-school Italian philosopher who believed the faking one's own death was a sure way to foil his enemies. Machiavelli's two most famous books, Discorsi dopra la prima deca di Tito Livio (Life With Tito) and Il Principe (Ill Communication) were both written well after his death. Some wonder if Tupac's reference was a signal to the world that things were not as they seemed. "

Okay, "killuminati: The 7 Day Theory"  Do you know what im gettin at here? Killuminati is Illuminati with a "K" infront of it, there talking about the illuminati. I dont know too much about the subject, but some people have strong opinions on the "Illuminati Theory" so, you can read more about it relating to Michael Jackson here:
Also the "7 day theory" has a 7 in it. And we all know how symbolic the number 7 has been.

"This is perhaps mere paranoia, as this album was obviously recorded while Tupac was "still" alive. But then, one year later, R U Still Down? is released in stores (November of '97). This was a full 14 months after the performer's death, and Tupac appeared in three videos in support of the album. When questioned about this, Tupac's manager Robert Bloomenstein said, "Tupac was a forward-thinking man. His performances in those videos were shot more than two months before his unfortunate 'death,' and in no way should indicate that Tupac is still alive."

Michael has released songs after his death, aswell as finished filming the "Dome Project" 2 months before his death. (which just seemed too work out so perfectly for the movie)

"In six weeks Tupac Shakur is releasing his eighth posthumous album, titled Death Faker. Some fans say the title contains a hidden message which could be taken to mean that Tupac didn't really die on that September night nine years ago"
That really makes me think he faked his death. You can read more about the "Tupac Shakur Death Hoax" here:

Now, back to Elvis I alredy did a long Elvis vs Michael post, but ill post it again here:

Both named King Of...

Elvis Presley was named the King of Rock n Roll

Michael Jackson was named the King of Pop

Both "died" of a drug over dose

similar cemetery names

Elvis was burried at Forest Hill

Michael was burried at Forest Lawn

Fans question last picture

Elvis mourners questioned his oddly arched eyebrows and a pug nose.

Many people question the ambulance photo of Michael stating that it doesnt not look like him

2 Different weights reported

Elvis weighed approximately 250 pounds at the time of his "death", but his death certificate stated 170 pounds

Michael was 136 pounds at his time of "death" as stated by autopsy reasults, but his death certificate states 112 pounds

2 Hours after supposed death...

Two hours after the public announcement of Elvis'death a man who looked like Elvis purchased a plane ticket for Buenos Aires under the name of John Burrows, an alias Elvis had used on several occasions, and one that was reported in government documents.

2 hours after Michaels supposed death

LAX airport was secretly shut down to receive an undisclosed person of interest. Then the control tower was told to "ignore" the jet taking off on a private runway, headed for an undisclosed destination

Missing from property...

A number of Elvis' most prized books such as his Bible, Chiro's Book of Numbers, and the Autobiography of a Yogi all disappeared after his alleged death, never to be recovered. As well as photos of Lisa Marie.

Millions of dollars and expensive jewls were missing from the house of which Michael was staying at, after his "Death" and never found

Record companys not showing signs of sadness

Elvis' record company RCA showed no care by releasing millions of his recordings and merchandise

Sony wanted to launch a Michael Jackson memorabilia tour, as well as launched a Michael Jackson movie and released a never before heard track titled “This Is It”

Both said goodbye to friends

two days before his alleged death, Elvis called a lady friend named Miss Foster to tell her he had canceled his upcoming tour and that she should not believe anything she would read about him

Arnold Klein said that about 5 days before Michaels "Death" Michael said a final goodbye to everyone in the office

Both sent flowers to loved ones?

A former paramour named Lucy de Barbon received a single rose in the mail on the day after Elvis' alleged death with a card identifying the sender as "El Lancelot", her secret pet name for Elvis, unbeknownst to anyone else.

A few days before Michaels dead Liz Talor tweeted "Somebody I care for very much sent the following note to me with flowers and I wanted to share it with you"

Questionable signatures on death certificates

Graphology experts have proven that the signature on his death certificate is Elvis' own handwriting

Dr. Murray refused to sign the Death Certificate of Michael Jackson, we are not even sure that there is a signature at all

Missing evidence

All photographs taken at the death scene of Elvis have mysteriously disappeared

surveillance footage was taken from Michaels home and is missing. footage that could solve the mystery surrounding the last moments of his life

Neither made it to there final tours...

A tour was scheduled to begin August 17, 1977, but at Graceland the day before, Presley was found unresponsive on the floor of his suite

Less than three weeks before the first show was due to begin in London and with all concerts being sold out, Michael Jackson died of a cardiac arrest.

Middle name conflicts...

Elvis' death certificate says "Elvis Aron Presley” But on his grave his middle name is spelt like "Aaron"

Michael Jacksons passport states his middle name as Joe, as well as many court documents. But his death certificate states it as "Joseph"

Larry King Live and the Geraldo Rivera Show

Gail Brewer Giorgio is a strong belive that Elvis is alive, and has appeard on Larry King Live many times, aswell as The Geraldo Rivera Show

We have seen MANY of Michaels relatives and friends on Larry King Live since the time of his death, and we have begun to belive that Larry King is in on it

So, we can conclude that Michael and Elvis have alot in common. You might be asking  yourself right now "Why did this crazy person bring Tupac into this?, they dont really have that much in common."

I didnt get to the "biggie" yet.

name confusion? Yes, you heard correct.
On Elvis's Grave his name was spelt differently then on his DC
On Tupac's Grave his name was spelt wrong
On Michaels DC his middle name is stated differently than on his passport
(expect a post on this in the near future)

coincidence? I dont think so. I think Michael knew how the Name confusion is what started the Hoax conspiracy around Elvis and Tupac's death. I think thats exactly why theres now confusion on his middle name.


  1. Great! :) Just want to add that the Andy Kaufman (who would impersonate Elvis - and Elvis loved it) death hoax is interesting as he'd always said that he would fake his death and then 10 years after his death he'd let people know whether or not he'd faked it.. Well, 10 years later hints were made.. There's also speculation that he performed in disguise after his 'death' too. There's some connections there that tie all 4 of these theories together. Don't dismiss them too quickly.

  2. You're right, It was stupid of me to pass right over it. I should go back and fix it.

  3. Isn't this something, TMZ showed an alleged photo of Tupac (or someone that looked like him) at a bar after his death? This was sometime ago! TMZ staff made statements similar to "No, it's not him," and I think it was Harvey that made some statement similar to "Did you ever see his body at his funeral." Sorry, details are blurry, because this was quite sometime ago, but it stuck with me.

    When Michael "died," and the details have not added up, and after researching Elvis puzzle pieces are falling into place.

    Do you think that Michael will come out of hiding?

  4. Yes Harvey did say that, someone had just posted that on MJHD. That is very strange.

    I'm not sure about that, It's to soon to tell for me.

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