Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What Are Friends For?

I don't really feel like I need to explain the picture above, everybody should already know what it is. Many of you even know the name of the photographer who took this photo. If not, no worries I gotcha covered. The name of the photographer who took this photo is Chris Weiss

Ben Evenstad was a pap who founded a photo agency. Ben and Michael Jackson just so happen to have more than just your average "Pap+celebrity relationship" You could even call them friends.

Ben Evenstad founded a photo agency and hired Chris Weiss as a paparazzo. The interesting thing about Chris is that, he wants to be a doctor. He has a long and impressive résumé of his experinces in the medical feild. Now just think about how handy that would be for Michael to be friends with someone like that.

Ben Evenstad's photo agency just happend to be the first photo agency to learn the location of Michael's rented mansion on Carolwood Drive. (They also just so happend to find out the location in December, which is when the first reports of Michael having 6 months to live first came out. Which in some theories is the begining of the hoax. ) I wonder who told them...

The morning of June 25th they just happend  to of already have a Pap outside Michaels house. When the ambulance came they were the only Paps there.

"Weiss saw an ambulance inside the gates and a fire truck parked on the street. Ibanez had zoomed in through the window of the fire truck with his telephoto lens and snapped a picture of the call screen, which provided a few details about the situation inside. At this point, Weiss’s experience as an E.M.T. came in handy. He read from the digital image: “50-year-old male … not breathing … ”
Why haven't we seen this photo?

"The more time passed, the less serious Weiss figured Jackson’s problems must be. “We were there for 20 minutes,” he says, “and if you’ve got a full arrest”—when a patient really has stopped breathing—“the paramedics usually load and go within 8 to 10 minutes.”"
But they were there for about 40 minutes.
Notice how Chris Weiss's medical experience comes in handy.

"The morning after Jackson’s death, Weiss says, he was “happy because we got the picture. I took the last picture of Michael Jackson, ever. Because we had, as much as a photographer could for the last six months of his life, a relationship with Michael. There were days, like when he went to the doctor’s office sometimes, when we would just put our cameras down and visit with him. It’s weird to say this, as paparazzi, because the world can’t stand us, even though they can’t put our magazines down, but there was a closeness that our photographers had with Michael. If there was any fate to getting the shots, maybe that was it."
The kind of impression I'm getting from the quote above doesn't have a hint of sadness to it. I mean, Michael Jackson was their main focas and a good friend. He just passed away and their happy?
Why would they be happy about that?
Myabe it's because this whole thing was planned. Maybe during one of their "visits" with Michael they made a deal. It's a win win situation if you think about it. The paps probably made more money on that one photo than every other picture they've taken before. And Michael gets away with step one of the Hoax.

Think about it.

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