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Why were the kids ID's revealed shortly before 6/25/09

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To protect them.

Common sense and logic, it will lead you to the truth.

Under California law, DNA is irrelevant when it comes to questioning parentage IF the child was born into a marraige AND the parents names are entered on the birth certificate AND the parentage is not challenged for 3 years.

So, many rumors are flying that Prince and Paris are not bio-kids to MJ, right? Blanket on the other hand, most believe is MJs bio-kid.

Here, i'll break it down slowly.

Rumors are flying following MJs "death". These rumors would be easily foreseen following the death of MJ, as he is MJ, and his life was shrouded in one big rumor and ugly press, it only stands to reason that the gossip would intensify following his passing. The kids and their parentage are an obvious topic of debate, considering their complexion and the secrecy surrounding them. It's a no-brainer that they would be the subject of speculation and rumor, right? The very reason MJ protected them their whole lives by concealing their identities.

So, a couple weeks before 6/25, Paris and Prince are seen in public for the very first time unmasked.


Well, if you follow logic and common sense and look at state law, the reason is obvious.

Because Paris and Prince were unmasked shortly before 6/25 we KNOW they are the MJ kids, under the definition of California law. They were born to Debbie Rowe while she was married to MJ, his name is on the BC, and they are obviously living with MJ as his children, thanks to the pic we have from early June, no one would (or has) contested these facts.

If anyone comes forward now and claims parentage by DNA, and it MATCHES.... well too bad, under CA law, the time for contesting parentage has run out years ago and it cannot be challenged in court. It is too late by 8 years or so. They were born to a married couple, MJ is on the BC, and the kids have lived with MJ as their father from birth. CA law prevents anyone, even a bio-parent, not listed on the BC, from coming forward and gaining custody.

IF, however, we had not seen these kids unmasked in early June, one or both of their bio fathers could come forward and try to take them away claiming DNA match AND making some crazy claim that the kid(s) never lived with MJ at all and the claim that MJ acted as parent all these years to this particular kid (Paris or Prince or both) is a lie.

In other words, if MJ wasn't seen with them recently, it could be argued in court that Paris and Prince are not the same little kids seen in old home movies or family photos, and with a DNA match, someone could make a legal argument for taking them away, totally within CA law.

But those unmasked pics from early June make this imposible, within the stipulation of the state law, regardless of DNA.

Got all that? Hopefully. Because it shows extreme forethought and the great painS Michael went through to ensure all this was done within legal guidelines ahead of time. All the i's were dotted, all the t's crossed, perfection, right down to the legal framework of the plan.

Brilliant, and logical. Common sense, it will lead us to the truth.


  1. Another great post! I also think that the older children would sooner or later start to rebel about wearing disguises. Prince and Paris are getting closer to their teens. The masks would one day soon be coming to an end.

  2. If you google Michael Jackson children Las Vegas you'll find this from 2007

    and this from 2008...


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