Monday, December 14, 2009

Person of interest: Craig Harvey

Who is Craig Harvey?
He is "Chief Coroner Investigator " Who has been working on the Michael Jackson investigation.

But, could he really be a part of the Hoax?
It is very possible. Right now, in my opinion, he is the most important person too be watching.

Why is he a person of interest?
Good question. Ill be happy too answer that.
Lets take a look at Mr.Harvey's twitter, shall we? I think we shall.
I know what some of you are thinking "This could be a fake twitter"
yeah well, it could be. But the first tweet dates June 20th. 5 Days before Michael "died".
So, I'm thinkin' it's real.

Okay the first tweet made on June 20th says:

T? Who's T? Well, as Julia142 pointed out on TMZ used T when talking about Thome Thome. Just look:

Thats pretty interesting. For thoughs of you who don't know who Dr.Thome Thome is, he was Michaels financial advisor. He was fired then mysteriously rehired not too long before Michael's "passing" What could Craig Harvey want with Thome Thome? Theres many different possibilities. Keep in mind this was tweeted on June 20th

Okay, lets look at anouther tweet made on June 25th

Make what things happen? Thats interesting...

Lets look at this tweet from June 27th

So it looks too me like he has a 4-6 week rest. But this is only 2 days after Michael's
"passing" , if he is Chief Coroner Investigator why would he have weeks off? Shouldnt he be investigating Michaels "death"? And "Answers will come to those who wait." What answers?

He takes a few weeks off then tweets back on October 6th

Looks like people aren't doing a good job keeping his secret.

So we can all agree that's a pretty suspicious bunch of tweets. Lets look at his Facebook.
(normaly I would feel bad posting someones personal facebook updates, but because his page is not private anyone can see them anyway)

Heres a status update from June 25th (I blocked out the names and photo's of thoughs who commented on it)

I wonder what made it such a Thriller?


Look at the person who commented. I think that is a very interesting comment. What is the difference between "The truth" and " 'their ' truth". Maybe one being what actually happend, and the other being what there telling us.

Do not trust the media.

What wasn't his idea, and what is he sorry for? What does he want too be over?
The investigation perhaps?

Just incase this hasn't been convincing enough for you, I thought I would provide you with an important fact. :
Craig Harvey Is An Actor
The truth does not lie.

The thred where Julia142 posted about her findings is here:


  1. oh wow that is pretty interesting indeed!!

  2. I had commented on that on mjkit, I had also viewed that link you are provinding in this post. If you go to the bottom of that page (I think it's that page anyway, it says Craig Harvey's name and blank(you can type in a name in the box). I typed Michael Jackson and came up with lots of info on things those 2 did together in movies and stuff like that, so what I am saying is that they have a history together as well. Appenrently anyway.

    I am so tired though of looking up all kinds of things like that and tearing it apart to put it back together and tear it up again... you know. I am sticking to facts like regulations of 911 calls, trying to find legit non suspicious witnesses from UCLA, just any kind of irrefutable proof.

    Good post though, your right it is very fishy.


  3. Very interesting. Thank you!

  4. Could FB and T mean facebook and twitter?

  5. So did anyone find any new developments on this? I mean about Craig Harvey's role in this? I need new stuff, not fictional stuff like what Cassandra Gretchins and black or white are going around saying.. you know what I mean? Some encouragement... anybody...please:(


  6. Ill look into that for you Jennie. I just sent Craig a friend request on Facebook


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