Thursday, December 17, 2009

Does Craig Harvey know Michael is still alive?

Does Craig Harvey know Michael is still alive?
well, unfortunatly I dont know the answer too that. But I can provide you with some info too let you draw your own conclusions.

(If you read my last post about Craig Harvey, this might make more sense. )

Okay so I was looking at Craig Harvey's Facebook page and I noticed somthing odd.
He was friends with someone by the name of "Cristiana Jackson". Im aware that
Jackson is a common last name, but this person's profile picture was a picture of Michael.

Strange isnt it? I clicked on this persons name, but there page was on private so I couldn't view it. I was able too look at this persons fan pages, and they seem too be fans of Michael Jackson. I know this doesnt really say much, but this made me want too see who else he was friends with...
When I came across (drum roll please)
Woz mjfd

I dont know who this person is, But I do know that they post links about Michael Jackson being alive...

Okay well, this strikes me as weird. Not the fact that this person thinks Michael Jackson is alive, but the fact that Craig Harvey added them as a friend...
He only has 94 friends (as of right now) and after June 25th , and all the people from the MJ forums people must be sending him friend requests left and right. This seems too be a personal Facebook page where he adds only people he knows. Before he adds someone as a friend, he probably checks out there page...

Why would he add this person as a friend?


  1. This is very interesting! This is a good find, and provides hope. Thank you.

  2. Have you tried to become Cristiana's friend? What caught my eye was the music sign by her/his photo. Hmmmm.


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