Friday, January 1, 2010

Give Credit Where Credit Is Needed

I hate to post about things outside of the hoax but this needs to be said. I can ignore this no longer.

There are some people out there who have been using my posts as their own. Use my posts all you want, post them anywhere. BUT you MUST give me credit. There are people who have been copying and pasting my posts word for word, posting them on forums as if they wrote it themselves.

There's more than one of you out there. I'm not going to call out names or confront anyone because you might not have known. But from now on, I will.

If you see a post on my blog, or maybe a forum and you like it, go ahead and post it where ever you want. Not only do I encurage it, but I also appreciate it. BUT you MUST post the link of where you found it, include my name and that I wrote it.

I'm not mad, if anything I'm flattered. I know that when people use my posts, my posts must be good. I want people to use my posts, But I still want people to know that I wrote them.

If you're one of thoughs people, please keep this in mind.



  1. Hi! I have been posting a few of your teories on my hoaxblog in swedish but I always mention your name and that you wrote it and I really hope that it's ok :) maybe I should have asked first, sorry for that! :)

    Happy new year! <3

  2. lol Diana, your posts should be less interesting then they might not use em, joking! Great post, nothing like honesty.

  3. Oh Elin, you're fine! If you mention my name everything is OK. Happy New Year To You Too!

    There are some people out there who didn't just post my posts on forums, but they even turned them into youtube videos under their own name. They didn't mention my name anywhere. That's what's not okay.

    And thanks Ruthy! :)


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