Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Real or Photoshopped? Alive or Dead? Real or Production? This or That?

Hey all! Let's play a little game, it's called This or That.
Basicly, I'll show you something and give you two options then you pick one.
Sounds exciting right? Lets play!

Real or Photoshopped?
A member by the name of Helen posted this link on the LarryKing Blog:
"A photo of the crypt was distributed by the park to the press back in the 1950's, when the Holly Terrace first opened"
So the photo below was taken in the 1950's.

Now let's look at the photo Karen Faye supposedly took of Michaels tomb

Now I present to you the question, Real or Photoshopped?
Next we have
Alive or Dead?
The Chicago Tribune posted this poll on their website

Mad Props go to SeeingClues for finding this, you rock man!
Check out the current reasults!

Now I ask you,  Alive or Dead?

On to our final round!
I bring you a Tweet made by our very own Kenny Ortega!

Hold up now! Michael's memorial nominated for an award?
Now correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't a memorial time to pay respects?
Isn't it sopposed to be a sad reflective time, not a production nominated for an award?
Look at what's listed on his IMBd page under his Filmography section:

Creative Director?
So now for the final time, I ask you
Real or Production?

comment with your answers


  1. Hey!
    I also wonder why he wrote "Bravo Michael", or is that something else? I mean, BRAVO? Why, cuz he died? Wtf?

    Awesome blog, I live in Sweden and I follow it every day. Lovely!
    Keep upt the good work, Michael is alive, we all know it!

    Peace and L O V E

  2. Wow, the 1950's crypt's pic and Karen Faye's photo of MJ's tomb looks like one and the same. That would mean Michael's tomb was there before he was borned? hey this dosent seem right, hmm... ok......
    "Michael if you are reading this, please tell me when you are comming back? I need to put up my leave application so that I could be there for you and with you in celebration. I love you so much more than that!"

    Great job! Diana Jean, I was so afraid that I was losing faith, not till the pics above. Now I must really make plans for the vacation time, if only MJ would tell us exactly when.

  3. real, alive, production :D

  4. I know what you mean Nora. What the heck is he saying "Bravo Michael" for?

    Thank's Kayla, it's not time to give up yet :)

  5. "Bravo Michael" for being alive. How thrilling! hee hee

  6. Your blog is so great! I read it every day! I'm from sweden too, nora gave me a link to your blog.. =) hehe
    Keep writing and BELIEVE!! Mike is ALIVE!

  7. I am from Brazil and have discovered your blog today. I loved it. Go on. I will come here every day. Thanks!

  8. Any program with clips of MJ in it make it onto yes, while it's super creepy that they gave him credit for lying in a coffin at the memorial service, that's probably why it's listed there.

    and that pic of the IMDB site is fake, or they changed says *performer* and *himself*. Not creative director.


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