Thursday, January 21, 2010

Did The Hoax Kick Off In 2008, and Is Michael in the UK?

Though I believe that this hoax was planned for years, I'm starting to believe that it kicked off in 2008 for reasons more than one.

5 Brothers Enterprises
If you haven't checked out this website yet, I highly advise you do so.
"5 Brothers enterprises comming soon"
What exactly is comming soon?
The question I've been asking myself over and over again. I guess where just going to have to wait and see.
I believe that this is going to be big. The definition for enterprise is:
-A project undertaken or to be undertaken
So their currently working on a project. In my opinion I think this project is going to be big.
Why? Because of  this website (posted by sunrise on MJHD)
Under Business Entity Information it says "File Date- 2/15/2008"
So this Enterprise went into the works in 2008.
Now I'm wondering, if it started in 2008, why is it comming soon now almost 2 years later?

Reality Show Rumors
I used Google Archives for this one.
2008 is when we heard about a Jackson reality show for the first time

Radio Reports Michael's Death in 2008
"An Albuquerque radio station jokingly
 reported that the King of Pop, Michael Jackson died from an overdose"

6 Months To Live
In December of 2008 It was reported that Michael had 6 months to live,
Suprisingly enough 6 months later he was "dead"
December 2008 is also when he started wearing thoughs masks

Jackson Family Looking For House In Devon
In 2008 reports that the Jackson Family wanted to buy a house in Devon England surfaced.
From an article posted April 3rd, 2008:

"Last month, Tito - who also has three other brothers, Marlon, Jackie and Randy, and another sister La Toya - revealed he was house-hunting in the area because the family wanted a hideaway in the idyllic English countryside.

Tito said: "My family love North Devon and the wonderful countryside and friendly people, I'm really looking forward to buying a home here. Michael likes it here too, as no one bothers him."

The Jackson Brothers recently Tweeted that they were going to be in the UK Febuary 1-3.

I Believe that even though this hoax was probably planned for years, everything was put into place in 2008. Which makes sense because that was supposedly Michael's last full year.


  1. that's interesting :) Devon it's a great place :)

  2. A few days ago came to my mind that the curious reality of what has been done now. About two years ago I read in the press and internet. Read as something like the Jackson brothers were going to make a reality of their lives, how they live and said they did not know very well if Michael "would appear." Curious, no? and that 2 years ago, actually.

  3. 2 years ago would be 2008. Very curious, the whole thing seems too planned.

  4. dejen de buscarle la quinta pata al gato, Michael muriĆ³ y punto.Dejen de ilusionar a sus seguidores y seguidoras, eso no es bueno para nadie, disfruten su legado y ya........

  5. MMGA Michael descansa en paz!


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