Friday, January 15, 2010

Midnightmlk = Midnight Marten Luther King Day?

Allot of you have heard about Midnightmlk already, but if you haven't here is their twitter page:
also someone from MJHD mentioned that they have 2 twitter accounts, here is the other account reported:

Allot of people seem to think this person has inside information (or is possibly Michael)
because of their many interesting tweets. I'll admit they do tweet some strange stuff.
You can investigate theese accounts and come up with your own conclusions on them.
Why I bring this to your attenchen is because, The name Midnightmlk might hold a significance.
Someone from MJHD, member Wondering Who posted this:

"Anyone remember Midnightmlk on twitter?? I used to think she was referring to Midnight milk...(You know as in

Michael's profofol fix at midnight) Now, I think she meant Midnight, on Martin Luther King day....!
This just came to me, I dont know why I always thought she meant "milk"..She has changed her twitter page to a
new name now.....
Sorry I am flipping out.....She had this name back in APRIL OF 09!!!!!
Martin Luther King day....Jan 18."

Midnightmlk= Midnight on Martin Luther King Day?
Martin Luther King Day is on January 18th 2010.
January 2010 holds a significance according to S.T.U.D.Y.

Allot of people are starting to believe Michael will be back January of 2010.
If you haven't read what S.T.U.Y. has to day, I suggest you read it ASAP.

In their latest post they state

"Now, there has been time for the dust to settle. And in fact, the date today is 1-11 (TII movie was 111 minutes long); also, today is one week until 1-18-10 (MLK day), and two weeks until 1-25-10 (seven months since “death”). So as you can see, it was already planned for today to be the next TIAI update. Further below in this update, we will look at the importance of today’s date being the planned day for the next update."

They refer to Martin Luther King Day as "MLK day"

 S.T.U.D.Y.  also stated this:

"Next, January 18 is the MLK holiday—which of course ties very directly with the MLK statement in the song “They Don’t Really Care About Us”. Do you remember that this song was the only one from the TII rehearsals that was played on the media, after MJ “died”? Don’t you think that this was a big clue about the purpose of the hoax? “In what will go down in history as the greatest demonstration for freedom ...” And do you remember that this was the very last TIAI redirect, before TIAI was revealed?

Exactly two months before January 18 (on November 18, 2009), TMZ posted the following: “Jackson Investigation Mystery Date

Big clue in the Michael Jackson investigation -- the LAPD detective leading the probe indicated January 18, 2010 may be a significant date. Detective Orlando Martinez asked a Las Vegas judge this AM to keep search warrant documents related to Applied Pharmacy secret until January 18.” {}

This would’ve been after the TII movie came out, and in fact after the TIAI redirects were already in progress. This was a “Big clue” about a “significant date” and a Jackson “Mystery Date”! Why would January 18 be a day when search warrant documents would no longer be “secret”? That day is a holiday! Why wouldn’t they say that the documents would be de-classified on January 19 (which is not a holiday, and when things would not be closed for the holiday)? January 18 is a holiday right after the weekend, so it should’ve been either January 15 or January 19—unless of course this was a “big clue” about a “significant date”, a “mystery date”, when MJ would return! (P.S. On January 18, don’t forget to check TMZ!)"

If you haven't been following up with S.T.U.D.Y. you should grab yourself a cup of coffee and read every post made by them. It's clear that they have some inside information that's worth a read.

I don't know if Michael will return or not. (I sure hope he would, it would be a great Birthday Present)
but, Martin Luther King Day holds a big significance.
Don't forget to watch the news, and log into TMZ January 18!


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  2. "Midnight" is a speech by Martin Luther King....
    And Im posting anonymously too because I dont know what profile to select below....

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  4. The first comment, aswell as comments in responce to the first one were deleted. This is my blog and I do not wish to be attacked. If you have a problem send me an email at I'm more than happy to talk it out and hopefuly resolve the issue.

  5. Ok, i'm watching news but i don't see nothing, maybe because i'm from Rome, Italy (sorry for my english), and now here it's too soon...

    However, now for me it's almost 00:00 of 19 January, and tomorrow i have revision at university, so i go to bed, but please, when i wake up i WANT to see very big news!!!

    It's the first time i write here, but i follow you since the beginning and i love you and your blog!

    Please, find something everyday for us! Thank you.


  6. Thanks Edo!
    I really appreciate it!
    I'm always lookign for something new!

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  8. Well, you must like something about my blog since you keep comming back. But I'd really appreciate if you would refraim from the hurtful comments. I really would.

  9. arnie_kleins_loverJanuary 20, 2010 at 3:00 PM

    Dont worry Diana, you keep up the good work...whats your take on that jackson logo they flashed on screen at the end of the dynasty series .. rather odd wasnt it?

  10. Thank you Arnie_kleins-lover, it means allot to me. I feel bad I haven't had any really good posts in a while, Im in a bit of a family crisis at the moment so my mind's in more places than one. I have no patience for the mean comments right now.


    About the logo they flashed, I think it's very interesting, and that's what I'm doing allot of research on now. The logo its self resembles a family Crest which usualy holds allot of symbolism.
    It's called the "5 brothers enterprises" and the definitions for enterprise is :
    -a project undertaken or to be undertaken
    -a plan for such a project
    -participation or engagement in such projects
    -boldness or readiness in undertaking; adventurous spirit; ingenuity

    So in my opinion, Their in the middle of a big project right now. ;)
    I hope that I can find out more, Ill keep you updated.

  11. maybe mignightmlk means midnight MoonwaLK.
    what do you think?



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