Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What's that all about?

Okay, so MLK Day passed an still no Michael. I know, I'm just as upset as you are.
But, whose to say that we didn't recive any clues? There's a few things that have been brought to my
attenchen in the past few days, that just make me wanna ask "What's that all about?"

Let's start with TMZ. Here we have some photos posted on January 18th:

Title of this article "No fake drinkin' and driving"

Black umbrellas anyone?
Posted on the 17th, The Jackson brothers where offered a 2nd season for their reality show but they haven't taken it yet. Why don't they want a 2nd season? Well aside from that, TMZ included this quote in that particular article which I happen to like allot:
"it's the Jacksons ... so nothing is ever as it seems. "
Another article posted on the 18th is about how LaToya wants Simon Cowells spot on American Idol. Interesting quote at the bottom of that one too:
"In other news: there's a "real" La Toya Jackson"

Not to mention Michael was recently put back on the "Hot Searches" list

Michael Jackson's Ghost?
Today Julia142 brought this to my attenchen:

There's something that makes me wonder about this poster...(and it's notvabout Kanye&Taylor appearing together.)
As it turned out, this poster is not the real Coachella poster. But, that doesn't mean it wasn't created for a purpose...
Perez Hilton:
"Off to Malibu for a top-secret meeting with one of the most successful musicians of all time! (No, not Barbara or Cher! Ha)"
-"Amazing meeting! Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! #GoingHARDin2010 More big things coming!!! "
Raffles Van Exel:
-"To all my tweet family out there. Watch out, there is a fake Frank DiLeo face book out there. I just spoke to Frankie, the account is FAKE "
"I personally hate FAKE shit, please watch out. I love you guys, but once again it shows that everything is possible on the NET. Watch out "
Frank DiLeo is Michaels manager, could he stress the word fake anymore?
"On the Red Carpet of the Golden Globes, nasty weather. Thinking about Rihanna, (under my umbrella). Even Alberto Alvarez is here ;-) "
Michael's body guard?

And here it is, the strangest of the strange.
Check. It. Out, but don't forget to turn up your speakers for the BAM.
Mad props to SeeingClues for this one.

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