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American Idol connection

I know the title of this post sounds kinda crazy, but please hear me out. This isn't anouther one of thoughs wacky movie/hoax connection theories, I have evidence to believe that there is a connection. I don't know how important it is, but Ill let you guys come up with your own conclusions.

Shows Creators
Okay, here is a picture of a screen shot from the American Idol IMBd page.

Notice how there is only 3 of them who worked on the show in 2009.  Strangely enough, they are the only 3 who have a connection with Michael.

Gregg Gelfand
Not many people recignize his name, but in my opinion he's very important. When you type his name into Google, look at what the first reasult is:

So immiditly my hoax alarms went off. I clicked on the link and it turns out that Gregg Gelfand co directed Michael Jackson's memorial with Kenny Ortega. Just look:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't the directors of the memorial have to know about the Hoax?
Not to mention how convienent it is that he just so happend to start working for American Idol in 2008, a pretty significant year.

Bruce Gowers
 He has:
-Directed 3 music videos for Michael including
"Rock with you"
"She's out of my life"
"Can you feel it"
As well has hosting the "Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Celebration on CBS"
Directed "Michael Jackson Number one's in 2003"
"Michael Jackson greatest video hits- HIStory in 1995"
and now in 2009
"Michael Jackson NRJ Tribute"
It's safe to say he was no stranger with Michael, and in my opinion anyone with permission to have a tribute concert must know about the hoax.

Simon Fuller
"I’m reliably told that one of their first discussions about Michael’s concerts took place at Wing Lei in Steve Wynn’s the Wynn during a lengthy dinner attended by Michael, Kenny and mega-rich producing partner Simon Fuller, who is a partner in various ventures with American Idol judge Simon Cowell"

Simon Cowell and Simon Fuller where both their when Michael decided to have a comback tour.

"Michael Jackson has reportedly turned to the former manager of the Spice Girls, Simon Fuller, to help mastermind his pop comeback."

Simon Fuller is to help Michael with his mastermind comeback.

"“He knows it won’t be easy because he comes with so much baggage, but he thinks that if anyone can pull it off Simon can. Simon is excited by the challenge. It’s like nothing he has tackled before.”

Kenny Ortega-Michael Jackson-Simon Fuller

Paula Abdul
 She choreographed  the Michael Jacksons' Victory Tour, aswell as some Janet Jackson videos.
"it was during that experience that she got to know Michael the Joker"
She attened the This Is It premier.

March 14 2009
American Idol announces that they are going to have Michael Jackson week.
May 19 2009
Michael visits American Idol's rehearsals at to the Nokia Theatre
June 29th 2009
American Idol announces that they are going to have a Michael Jackson tribute.

On January 18th, Martin Luther King Day, the day we where sopposed to recive a big clue TMZ posted this article

Okay, so lets recap. The only 3 people who worked for American Idol in 2009 all have connections to Michael. (none of the others have any)
The director who started working for American Idol in 2008 Gregg Gelfand co directed Micheal Jacksons memorial with Kenny Ortega.
Simon Fuller is good friends with Kenny Ortega

I'm not saying it means anything, but who knows?

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  1. Michael did not actually visit the rehearsals. And his band was rehearsing at the side of the AI rehearsals.


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