Saturday, November 21, 2009

Flaws In The Search Warrent

Before you read, Know that ALL credit goes to Layla (Streetwalker) for her amazing research and dedication to finding the truth.

So we all know about the search of  Applied Pharmacy Services in Las Vegas. The pharmacy belived to supply Dr.Conrad Murray with Popofol.

The purpose of a search warrent, is for police to get the right to search a certain location. A search warrent for my house wouldnt give them the right to search my neighbors house. Why? Because they are two different adresses. Which makes them two different locations. Therefore, it wouldnt be legal for them to use it on my neighbors house.

Now, why am I telling you this? Its very simple acctualy, let me show you some pictures.

Here is a picture of Applied Pharmacy Services adress. This is the pharmacy that the search warrent was issued for

So you can clearly see that the adress for Applied Pharmacy Services is the following:
2851 N Tenaya Way # 202

Las Vegas, NV 89128-0453
(702) 304-0770
Okay, Now lets show you a picture from the search warrent:

That clearly says:
6370 West Flamingo, Suite #1 LV, NV 89103

Thats kind of strange if you ask me. Lets do a search of that adress:

Nothing about the pharmacy.
Lets search this adress in Google Maps:

Looks like a "Salon & Haircut Spa" to me, I dont see a pharmacy anywhere in that picture.

Making the warrent INVALID.

Anouther thing, Grace Rwaramba is the name of Michael Jackson nanny that he hired to take care of his kids. But the search warrent refers to her as :

Grace Owanda
Theese are the moments that just make me say "What. The. Eff."

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