Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Remember LaQuanda?

Remember our favorite Liar girls?! LaToya  LaQuanda and Laquisha? You know, the girls who worked for Conrad Murray, the ones he called on the morning of June 25th to go move things around in his storage unit? The ones who were interviewd and gave COMPLETELY different stories? I DO! Incase you dont, the story is in the link provided above :)

Yep. Thats her

So is that!

 Here she is again!

...and again.

Hey Look! Here she is in Ed Hardy with Michael Jackson April 27, 2009.

So wile looking threw photos of Michael Jackson I had noticed this girl, something about her didnt sit well with me. I knew her face, I've seen her before... but I couldnt quit put my finger on it. It bothered me. So I obsessed over it, of corse. But I got it! (maybe)

So thats kind of a big coincidence that she was with Michael on April 27th a little less than 2 months before Michael "passed away", and now shes being accused of hiding evidence for our Doctor (who is totally real by the way*)  Who "killed" Michael. What a big coincidence.

On a side note...The names LaQuanda and LaQuisha sound totally* real.

* = Sarcasm Intended.


  1. not the same person.

  2. OMG it looks like her!!

  3. There are more pictures of her. She looks like a fan.. and her face does not really look the same :(


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