Monday, November 16, 2009

Inconsistencies In Dr.Murray bios

"Conrad Murray is affiliated with two hospitals, one in California (St. Rose Hospital in Hayward, Cal.) and Texas (Doctors Hospital Tidwell, Tidwell, Tex)"

I dont think so, but it was a nice try. Conrad Murray does not exsist in that hospitals data base.

 As for "Doctors Hospital Tidewell" It does not provide the option to search for doctors. Convenient?  A little.  But heres the website : It will provide you with nothing.

thats about all the info they give you, lets just do a search on theese people, shall we?

Mike Bullard- hockey player/Canadian talk show host?

Must be the wrong Mike Bullard. So I did a google search of "Mike Bullard CEO" and I got ONE site that had his name, and the word "hospital" in the same link. So I went too it.

That looks about right, I wanna know more, so lets click on read more. I clicked on read more, but it brought me too a page with a long list of "Physician-Owned Hospital CEOs" ones I guess we should know. But the only one I was intrested in knowing about is Mike Bullard, but oddly enough, he wasnt even on that list.

Farida Moeen-  I got a link  for the Vista Medical Center in Texas. Apparently Farida Moeen is the CEO of this hospital

Just incase this hospital was related the the one Dr.Murray is supposivly "affliliated" with, I did a search in this hospitals Dr. Dictionary.

No. He is not. But thats off topic anyways, moving on...

Tonya Johnson- no such luck. When typed in "Tonya Johnson" I got this:

So I typed in "Tonya Johnson CNO" and the only medical related reasult I got was the link for this "Doctors Hospital" Homepage, again...

Dr. Stacy Jones, M.D.- She is the owner of a family practice, located in Houston Texas

Theresa Eatherly- "Theresa Allen Eatherly has been named chief financial officer of Houston Town & Country Hospital" Houston Town & Country Hospital? I thought she was was the CFO of Doctors Hospital...

For kicks, lets see if Dr.Murray is in anyway related to this hospital


OKAY. So we can conclude that Dr.Murray is NOT affiliated with St. Rose Hospital in Hayward, as stated. The proof is right up there, he is not listed in there Dictionary of Doctors. And as for this "Hospital Of Doctors" Im assuming it is a real hospital but there website is VERY unprofessional compared to all the other hospitals websites. I dont know anything about Hospitals and the medical business so I cant make any conclusions, but you have my research above ^^ and you can make up your mind up youself.

On anouther topic, how old is Dr.Murray?

Birthdate: 1958
I take this as a trustworthy professional site.
But I feel the same way about this site:

Birthdate: 1953
(also, on anouther Dr. search site his birth year was stated as 1953 aswell, but I saved that photo to anouther computer by mistake)

But wait, Look at this pretty picture, Murrays famous Mugshot.

The countrys legal system does not lie.
(okay, even im laughing at that one)

On anouther note
Licensed in California, April 22, 1991
Graduated Loma Linda University 1992
Livensed before he graduated?

One last thing thats been bothering me for just the longest time

I shouldnt have to say whats wrong with that picture.
Lets have some reader interactment!
Go to
Search "Conrad R Murray"
search "Conrad C Murray"
tons of hits for both.

Im greatly sorry if any info on this post doesnt make sence, I know near nothing about the medical feild and I did my best . I must give a special thanks to the members of MJKIT


  1. gonçalo fonseca ( 17, 2009 at 7:43 PM

    Hi, i have noticed something very odd....his original licese date is only from february 2005...and finishes on is it possible if he was a doctor long ago??? only if he was't a doctor before 2005 (trial of MJ child abuse)

  2. you are right, that is VERY odd. Ill look into it! ;)

  3. Gonçalo Fonseca ( 21, 2009 at 6:15 PM

    Could this be the date of MJ return?? he have his birthday in 29 of august....his 52 birthday..could this be related with that hours thing (2:26....2X 26= 52) 2:26 was the last hour related to him in the UCLA hospital....


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