Friday, November 20, 2009

This Is It album

A quote about the This Is It album:
"The order of songs is  the same as they would have been during Jackson’s comeback tour in London"

That would of been more believable if it were acctualy true. Here is a picture of the albums back.

So, tell me...wheres Dirty Diana? We know he was soppost to preform that during his "concert". Kenny Ortega said so himself. But its not on this album. Why not? Insted its all the songs that were in the Movie. This tells me that This Is It was intedned too be a movie all along.


  1. What about the Jackson 5 songs he sung in TII like I'll be there....I thought they may have been on the album.

  2. I didnt even think of that, This whole album is weird too me.

  3. in THIS IS IT, MJ sings also SPEECHLESS


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