Sunday, November 15, 2009

Conrad Murray Is An Actor.

Yes! You read correct, Conrad Murray is infact an actor. He had roles in The Plague and in 24 Hour Party People. But is actor Conrad the same person as our Dr. Conrad? Ill let you decide that...

When I tryed to do some search on "The Plague" I didnt get much at all. So I put my main focas on "24 Hour Party People"

Here are some screen shots from the movie:

Now here are some photos of everyones favorite Doctor:

Looks alike doesnt it? I think so, but some people have there doubts. But hey, were all entitled to our opinions.

If you go to the wikipedia page for "24 Hour Party People" and click on the cast link you get this:

You can clearly see where it says Conrad Murray, Now, If you click on that Conrad Murray link you get redirected too:

The Death Of Michael Jackson. So, if actor Murray and Dr. Murray are not the same person, why is Actor Murray being assosiated with the Death Of Michael Jackson?

Did I mention Info on this Actor is almost impossible to find:

Notice where unter Biography it says "Data unavailable"

Special thanks to the many members of MJKIT and MJHD.


  1. Check out actor Lenny James, actor in "Jericho" and "24 Hour People." Wiki can be a bit sticky sometimes with the well.

  2. i don't thank that the guy in the plage is the same one as in the 24 hur one there is no pivturs when you try yo find 24 hour one but there is one when you look at the other


    why does this site list conrad murray with the film and the MJ doctor.

  4. Well well well... The actor you see in 24 Hour Party People is Lenny James. Conrad Murray is actually a bald chap who is an extra and speaks a few words to Steve Coogan.

    You're all racists; is it right that automatically anyone you see that is black looks the same as another black man, regardless of feature differences that are significantly different?

    Shame on you all.


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