Monday, February 22, 2010

Cast member for what...?

Most of us are aware of the speculation behind DaveDave. In light of a slow time, It's always great to bring back old clues.

So, here is a side by side comparison of a few pictures posted on MJKIT a while back.
In this picture we have the car that was transporting Miko and DaveDave to the funeral. In the picture to the right, you can see Miko, DaveDave and anouther head behind Miko. In the left picture you can see a head the doesn't look like DaveDave's, possibly the head that was behind Miko in the picture to the right. It's not DaveDave's because he's not wearing a hat.

If you look at it, it look's allot like this guy

This picture is from DaveDaves myspace. Under the picture there is a caption that says:
"One of the cast of charecters"

What does he need a cast for?
Why was this guy at the funeral?
 And last but not least
 Iloveyoumore from MJA Pointed out that
the booklet that comes with Michael Jackson's The Ultimate Collection where he does all his Thank-You's has DaveDave listed under "MJJ Productions Staff"


Evvy Tavasci, Executive Administrator and Personal Assistant
K.R. Narcisse, Exectuve Assistant and Photo Archivist
Grace Rwaramba, Miko Brando, Gary Hearne, Dave Dave, Leticia Roidan, and Kato Chang.

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