Monday, February 8, 2010

"The Court Of Last Resort-The Conrad Murray Case"

Okay, here is where the weird gets a whole lot weirder.
There is an old TV show by the name of  "The Court Of Last Resort"
All credit for this find goes to THINKerbelle who posted about this on MJA.

The Court Of Last Resort
"The Court of Last Resort was founded by Erle Stanley Gardner in the 1950s. The team sought to reveal whether someone already found guilty might really be innocent. The show dramatized the original crime then followed the investigation. Actual cases were used "
The show was about a team of investigators visiting old cases in which people where found guilty and sent to jail, to try and prove them innocent.

One of the episodes happened to be tittled "The Conrad Murray Case"
and the actor who played Conrad Murray was in a TV show called "Thriller"
and anouther one called "This Is It".

I don't know if this has to do with anything, but it sure is strange.



  1. This is at least strange...

  2. Man oh man will we we ever get to the bottom of
    this...just hope mike is alright ...where ever
    His is got to be Love
    and Love never dies.
    MJ fans will be forever stay connected to HIm
    and to each other through the love we all fee
    deep in our heart...for this Angel...we call
    MIcheal...We love you more ...MIke...and that
    is from the heart...a million upon millons of Heart
    One Heart...for MIke!


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