Saturday, February 13, 2010

Conrad Murray Twitter Imposter?

I'm sure allot of you are aware about the many rumors about Dr.Murray representing Michael.
Allot of people think that Murray's youtube message sounded like words of Michael, presenting the idea that maybe Murray was talking for Michael.
Others thought that Murray's going to court was to symbolize what Michael had to go through during his Child Molestation Trials.
Just one example from Layla Streetwalker's blog:

I normaly try to stay away from posting about this kind of thing, for the reason that it's just a theory. I try to only post strange things that are facts, with (if available) pictures to prove it.
But allot of people are really into it, so here's just something to contribute to the "Murray is Michael theory"

TMZ recently posted about a Twitter Imposter pretending to be Conrad Murray.
If you type in a celebritys name into Twitter, there are TONS of imposters out there. TMZ never reports thoughs so, why report this one?

Assuming that TMZ is involved with the hoax, maybe they reported this one for a reason.
"There is someone pretending to be Dr. Conrad Murray -- asking his fans for prayers and support -- but TMZ has learned it's a fraud. Just one day after the real Dr. Murray appeared in court to face an involuntary manslaughter charge in the death of Michael Jackson, a person using a Twitter account under the name DrConradMurray left the following message:

"Please consider that I too am a father, do not judge or condemn me until you have walked in my shoes. Please pray for my family"
But it's all a hoax: TMZ spoke to a rep for Dr. Murray's lawyer who told us, "It is 100 percent fake. He doesn't even have a smart phone."

This Twitter account has been Tweeting since Aug. 19, 2009. Why would they just report it now?
Also, why are they reporting it at all? Like I said, every celebrity out there has tons of imposters (the Jacksons are always tweeting about their imposters)
Also, this isn't the only Murray imposter account, so why this one?
Along with the article, they posted a picture of the lastest Tweet.

This account has only 4 tweets that say:

"I ask for your prayers for my family and I at this very hard time. Thank you all for your support and kindness. God Bless  9:03 AM Aug 19th, 2009 from web "

"Thank you for such kind words of support. There are many lies surrounding me, I ask you not to judge, but to wait for the truth. God Bless 8:53 AM Aug 26th, 2009 from web"

"I have been advised to speak no further. This is my last thank you to my friends and supporters. God Bless 8:17 AM Aug 27th, 2009 from web"

"Please consider that I too am a father, do not judge or condemn me until you have walked in my shoes. Please pray for my family 4:23 AM Feb 9th from web "

Thoughs Tweets sound like they could come from Michael.

All TMZ tells us is that, the person who tweeted this message is not Dr.Murray. This message sounds allot like something Michael would say. Is it Michael? Who knows.

According to TMZ "it's all a hoax"


  1. How many Murrays can we have. There was whit man, sitting behind Murray in the court room.
    Investigators on you tube have found out, this guys name may very possibly be Conrad Murray.
    The "good doctor" we know as Murray is NOT Murray. To be legally covered, the real Murray was there as well. I am following CM on twitter!!Lets see if he will tweet some more!!
    Thanks for the excellent blog Diana Jean!

  2. and how about the idea that murray doesn't even have a cell did he call the patient the day michael was dying???

  3. I found that line in the article very strange.
    What does having a smart phone have to do with having a Twitte account?


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