Saturday, April 10, 2010

TMZ was 100% positive

Remember June 25th 2009, when TMZ was the first news outlet to confirm that Michael was "pronounced dead"?
Remember how they confirmed him dead just minuets before Michael was officialy confirmed "dead"?
Well, we have speculated that maybe they where just guessing and hoping to be right.
BUT according to Harvey, they wheren't just guessing...they knew.
During an interview with the Huffington Post, Harvey Levin gave this quote
""Well, before it was officially announced. We really knew this significantly before even what was going on, but this was, you know, crossing every t. We were positive when we put it up. We put it up when we were 100% positive."

According to Harvey, they knew significantly before 2:20pm (the time they posted the article) what was going on. Since Michael wasn't officialy pronounced dead until 2:26...What did TMZ know was going on?
Strange how they where 100% positive about something that hasn't happend yet, don't cha' think?


  1. Don't mean to dampen your spirits here, but don't you think there would be reasonable to expect some time to pass BEFORE he would be "officially ANNOUNCED" dead. I mean, he would have been "pronounced" dead to those closest to him FIRST before it was made public. TMZ reporters could have been "tipped off" by one of the hospital personnel or even an "insider" too!
    Again, I'm so sorry. I would like to BeLIEve too SO MUCH too, but we can't go on trying to read a "clue" in everything :'(
    Much LOVE to you & hope we all find the "real" TRUTH very SOON too.

  2. There's a difference between being ANNOUNCED dead and PRONOUNCED dead.

    When you are PRONOUNCED dead, that is THE MINUET the paramedics and docters stop working on you.
    Michael Jackson was PRONOUNCED dead at 2:26pm

    Michael wasn't ANNOUNCED dead until a few hours later.

    At 2:20 (6 min before Michael was PRONOUNCED dead) TMZ posted that he was dead. If he wasn't PRONOUNCED dead yet, then that would mean they are still working on him and there was still a chance he would have lived.

    TMZ said they knew significantly before he was PRONOUNCED dead what was going on.

  3. I beg to differ....why would you ANNOUNCE someone's death before they are PRONOUNCED dead? Now that defies the logic. How could Harvey have know MJ was dead at 12pm if he was pronounced dead at 2.26pm?

  4. Good comments 1 & 3!

  5. can we have some real answers for a change please

  6. Anon at 6:18pm, that's exactly the point of the post. please learn how to read and understand -_-


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